After the Final Rose Recap: The New Couple, Nick & Shawn Together

After the Final Rose Recap: The New Couple, Nick & Shawn Together

Well, it's all over, folks: Kaitlyn Bristowe made her final choice on The Bachelorette. Shawn B is the man with whom Kaitlyn deicded to spend her life, leaving Nick out in the cold. So what better way to move on than to bring all three of them together to discuss those final moments, which were ecstatic for one guy, and brutally painful for the other. Here's what went down on the After the Final Rose special.

Meeting the New Couple... For Just a Quick Second 

Chris Harrison usually speaks to the Bachelorette alone for a while before bringing out her new beau, but this time they jumped right in. Kaitlyn and Shawn came out and spoke briefly about the importance of the First Impression Rose, and how Shawn fell in love with Kaitlyn after watching her on The Bachelor. But the new couple was hustled off stage after a few short minutes for the main event: Nick.

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Nick Returns

When Nick was out on stage, Chris Harrison got right to the meat of the issue, posing this question to Nick: Why does Shawn hate you so much? Here was his answer:

As always, it's complicated, but it did seem like Nick was ready to make amends and start moving on. So of course, the best thing to do would be to facilitate that by bringing Shawn out there to talk to Nick.

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Shawn and Nick: Together Again

When Shawn came out, it was as tense as any of their moments together had been on the show. Even Chris Harrison wasn't sure what to expect. Nick made a show of introducing himself to Shawn -- a gesture he maintains that Shawn never extended to him on the show -- and then the two did their best to remain calm while clearly getting on each others' nerves:

A Lover Spurned: Nick's Questions for Kaitlyn

When Kaitlyn came out to speak with Nick, it was very quiet -- both parties could feel the weight of their history. Nick had questions for Kaitlyn, most of which centered around one theme: Why did you tell me you were falling in love with me if you were in love with Shawn? No doubt this was tough for everyone involved, but Kaitlyn handled it pretty well, explaining that she was falling in love with Nick -- it's just that she was falling more in love with Shawn:

The New Couple Is Ready to Go Public

After Nick got his answers, it was time for more of the new couple. So what are they most excited about? Turns out it's getting coffee and going grocery shopping -- basically, just being together as a normal couple, free to share everything together:

So that puts a bow on the 2015 season of The Bachelorette! Don’t forget that Bachelor in Paradise kicks off SUNDAY 8|7c, with another episode MONDAY 8|7c, followed by the live after-show After Paradise MONDAY 9|8c.