The Bachelorette Recap: Kaitlyn Faces Cruel Tweets on ‘Men Tell All’

The Bachelorette Recap: Kaitlyn Faces Cruel Tweets on ‘Men Tell All’

Can you believe we’re already at the Men Tell All portion of The Bachelorette? This season has been full of drama and romance, and the Men Tell all is a chance for Kaitlyn Bristowe and the guys to look back on the season, discuss and explain what’s happened so far. Some of the guys go looking for closure, some of them for more attention, and there are tense moments and laughs either way. Here’s a breakdown of The Bachelorette’s Men Tell All episode for 2015.

Ian Apologizes: His Knee-d For Redemption

Tanner jumped on Ian almost right off the bat on this episode, railing him for his exit—you may recall him saying that Kaitlyn was only there to “make out with dudes on TV.” Tanner felt it was disgraceful and that Ian should apologize for his behavior. Ian, somewhat surprisingly, totally agreed, and even got on his knees to deliver it:

So yeah, good on ya, Ian. He also later apologized, again on his knees, to Kaitlyn when she came out later in the show. During that apology he got a cramp and had to stand up, but it was still heartfelt.

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The Saga of Clint & JJ: From Bromance to Bad Blood

The Clint and JJ relationship was obviously a hot topic as well, as the two were questioned by many people as to the nature of that relationship and why the two of them being best buds required them to shut out the rest of the guys in the house. JJ did his best to explain, but a lot of the guys just weren’t having it:

The Hot Seat: JJ, Ben Z, Jared, and Ben H talk Kaitlyn

Then it was time for some of the jilted bachelors to take the hot seat to examine what went wrong with their relationships with Kaitlyn. JJ, Ben Z, Jared, and Ben H all got a chance to chat with Chris Harrison about their time on the show. All seemed as if they were in a good place with it, were grateful for their time, and that they knew they’d be ready to find love at some point. JJ and Jared were announced to be joining the cast of Bachelor in Paradise, so they’ll be getting a crack at it starting AUGUST 2 8|7c on the season premiere.

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Kaitlyn Speaks: Dealing with Cyberbullies and Talking About Nick

When Kaitlyn came out, host Chris Harrison got serious with her pretty quickly. After Kaitlyn slept with Nick Viall in Week 6, she got a lot of hateful comments written about her on the internet, on forums and Twitter and even e-mail. Chris let her confront those hurtful words head-on, and read some of them to the audience so they could see just how awful people can be:

Ugh. People are the worst. Kudos to Kaitlyn for being strong and standing by her choices. Chris even said he would rather that his kids have Kaitlyn as a role model than some jerk cyberbully.

The guys had plenty to say about Nick as well, but they weren’t upset that Kaitlyn spent the night with Nick—they were upset that he was even on the show in the first place. Some of them argued that Kaitlyn needed to explore every option to make sure she found her one and only, but many guys felt she could have handled it better. Kupah felt like Kaitlyn should have even left the show if she wanted to date someone outside of the group. Here are the guys discussing that decision with Kaitlyn:

Blooper Time!

That about wrapped it up, except for one very important thing, a Men Tell All tradition: The Blooper Reel! There’s more of Amy Schumer’s appearance on The Bachelorette, some poorly timed pee breaks, and a whole lot of Kaitlyn being terrified by birds:

So we’re down to the wire here with the finale next week. Will Kaitlyn pick Nick or Shawn B? We’ll find out next week!

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