Who Went Home on The Bachelorette 2016?

Who Went Home on The Bachelorette 2016?

Successful and stunning real estate developer JoJo Fletcher, 25, may not have been Bachelor Ben Higgins' pick to be his future wife, but thankfully she is getting another shot at happily-ever-after. JoJo's journey as the Season 12 Bachelorette has officially begun – and this season looks to be as drama-filled as it gets.

Who went home on The Bachelorette this week? Find out in our weekly spoilers and recaps!

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Here's a rundown of just what went down on The Bachelorette 2016 season premiere:

Before JoJo meets the handsome men vying for her love, a trio of former Bachelorettes – Kaitlyn Bristowe, Desiree Hartsock Siegfried and Ali Fedotowsky – return to offer some practical advice on how JoJo should handle the jitters, drama and emotional pitfalls as she searches for her future husband. They warn her that there is a big difference between red hot chemistry and love.

WATCH: Unforgettable Limo Arrivals

JoJo is blown away by the lengths some of the bachelors go to create a memorable first meeting. One southern gentleman, James Taylor, uses his guitar to charm JoJo with a song he wrote for her. Wells, a DJ, brings a classic R&B group, All-4-One, to serenade her. One shy man, Jonathan, shows off his Scottish heritage – and legs – by wearing a kilt. But one bachelor, Luke, really stands out by riding in on a unicorn, harkening back to JoJo's own entrance on The Bachelor.

WATCH: Jordan Gets the First Kiss of the Season

The men continue to try and dazzle the Bachelorette during their one-on-one time. One bachelor steals her away and attempts to wow her with some push-ups. Some guys are so overwhelmed that they get off to an awkward start: Will asks for a kiss too soon while Jordan has such an immediate attraction to JoJo, it leads to the first kiss of the season.

WATCH: One Too Many Drinks

The pressure mounts as Chris Harrison brings out the first impression rose, leading to some drunken antics by three inebriated men. Daniel even takes his clothes off and jumps into the pool! JoJo wonders if some of these guys are here to meet her or just party. However, she does find a bachelor who deserves the first impression rose and he accepts it quite happily as his jealous contemporaries look on.

WATCH: Jake Pavelka Surprises JoJo at the Mansion

But it wouldn't be a first rose ceremony without a surprise. Former Bachelor Jake Pavelka arrives and pulls the shocked Bachelorette aside, as the other men wonder if they have new competition for JoJo's heart. In the end, Jake just has some advice to offer our new Bachelorette. And with that, it's time for the much-anticipated first rose ceremony. Who stays and who goes? Find out below!

WATCH: Who Gets Eliminated During the First Rose Ceremony?

Received a Rose/Continuing On











James F.

James S.

James Taylor

Jordan (first impression rose)


Nick B.





Did Not Receive a Rose/Eliminated




Nick S.



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