The Bachelorette 2019 Premiere: Who Did Hannah Send Home?

The Bachelorette 2019 Premiere: Who Did Hannah Send Home?

New Bachelorette Hannah Brown has officially begun her journey to find love on The Bachelorette! She may have missed out on love with Colton Underwood on The Bachelor, but tonight Hannah met an impressive (with exceptions, of course—more on that later) group of 30 bachelors in the Bachelorette cast who all hoped to find a future with this lovely lady from Alabama. Since Hannah has actually already met five of her guys, one guy already had a rose, but there were more roses to hand out, and of course, the all-important First Impression Rose. So who got a rose? Who fell flat? Who already had a girlfriend back home? You can stream The Bachelorette 2019 premiere here on or in the ABC app or read on for this week's highlights! As you may imagine, you'll find spoilers below.

Meeting the Guys

For a quick look at Hannah's 30 guys, watch here:

Get your first look at Hannah's guys!

Those 30 guys are going to have Hannah's eyes all over them this season—if they're lucky. But before we met the guys in person we also learned that four other eyes will be on these men during the premiere: "Hannah's Angels"—Demi Burnett and Katie Morton from the 23rd season of The Bachelor—are keeping an eye out on the men from a surveillance van parked by the Bachelor Mansion, for the first time in Bachelor history. What intel will they gather, and what drama will ensue? "Lots of juicy stuff," and "the best kind," respectively. 

The first step to love is, of course, getting out of the limo to meet Hannah. As is tradition, the guys got creative with their arrivals. Connor S. kicked off the night by jumping the fence to the mansion, a nod to Colton's bold maneuver during his season of The Bachelor. Devin pretended to be a virgin, Matt Donald rode in on a tractor, and Joe packed himself in a box and got brought in via forklift:

Once everyone was inside, Hannah gave her opening toast about how she's not perfect, but she will always be real, and that's what she wants out of the guys:

Hannah's Perfect Toast About Being Imperfect

First Impressions

Luke P. grabbed Hannah immediately after her speech, which made him a target right off the bat since guys were a bit jealous of his power play there. Cam, who received a rose from Hannah on The Bachelor finale (meaning we'll see him in Week 2 for sure), stole the first kiss of the season, so he's already gotten two fairly large pieces of validation from Hannah. He also mentioned in one of the previews that he "always say[s] ABC—Always Be Cam," so we're not sure what to make of him. One guy who definitely isn't a good fit for Hannah based on her speech is Scott. We say that because Demi found out Scott has a girlfriend back home, which is not an ideal quality in a potential husband for someone else. Hannah busts him on it:

And just like that, there were 29 guys left, which everyone should be happy about because their odds of being Hannah's new fiancé just went up by about 3.5%! How exciting! But seriously, after an impassioned speech to the guys about being here for the Right Reasonstm, Hannah heads out back for a moment and cries. The moment feels very real—it's easy to love the drama and craziness, but Hannah just got lied to by someone she considered a potential husband, and that can't feel good. But it's very clear that she's serious about this.

One guy who's serious about this is Luke P., who looks to be the frontrunner as he received the coveted First Impression Rose:

The First Rose Ceremony

But of course, not everyone could experience the joy of receiving a rose. Scott made things a little easier by getting sent home early, but there were still seven more guys who won't be advancing: Brian, Chasen, Hunter, Joe the Box King, Matt Donald the Tractor Rider, Ryan, and Thomas.

They're going to miss out on what looks like a really exciting season! Here's an extended look at Season 15 of The Bachelorette:

We've gotta admit, that was A LOT more drama than we were anticipating. In case you missed it, Hannah says "I believe that sex was made for a man and a woman in marriage, but I'm having physical relationships, and honestly, like, I have had sex." Pull up a chair and get your popcorn ready, folks. This is gonna be a fun ride.

Will Hannah find love this season, or will her heart get broken again? Don't miss The Bachelorette MONDAYS 8|7c on ABC!

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