Nick and Kaitlyn's Love Story on The Bachelorette

Nick and Kaitlyn's Love Story on The Bachelorette

This has been a long journey for Kaitlyn Bristowe and all of the guys trying to win her heart on The Bachelorette. Of course, it's been a slightly shorter journey for Nick, since he didn't show up until Week 4 in New York. But when he did, Kaitlyn gave him a chance to stay on the show and find out if he was meant to be Kaitlyn's husband. They had their ups and downs, and a lot of passion -- a passion that led to one of the most controversial episodes in Bachelorette history. Here's their love story, all in one tidy video:

Late Arrivals: Nick Shows Up in Week 4

Yes, Nick and Kaitlyn's love story was anything but ordinary. Usually, if you're going to make it to the final two on The Bachelorette, you likely had stepped out of a limo early in the season. But Nick -- who had met Kaitlyn online and chatted and texted with her before she became the Bachelorette -- figured he'd try his luck by just showing up:

It worked, and Nick joined the house with the other guys, much to their dismay. (Especially Shawn's.)

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An Intimate Night in Ireland

Nick and Kaitlyn's connection was strong and immediate, and it led to one of the most controversial moments this show has ever seen, when they slept together in Week 6 -- long before the Overnight Dates and the Fantasy Suite. Here's Kaitlyn on the morning after, discussing the prior night's events:

Meeting the Family: Nick's Sister on His Chances with Kaitlyn

But their connection has grown from there, and Nick has said that he's falling in love with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn feels the same, saying that she can see a future with Nick. She felt right at home when meeting Nick's family. Nick's sister, Bella, thinks that Kaitlyn will choose Nick:

...but we'll all have to wait until the The Bachelorette finale to see who Kaitlyn chooses.

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