Shawn and Kaitlyn's Love Story on The Bachelorette

Shawn and Kaitlyn's Love Story on The Bachelorette

It’s no secret that Kaitlyn Bristowe had her work cut out for her on her quest to find true love this season on The Bachelorette. From being voted as the new Bachelorette to sifting through numerous bachelors to find her Mr. Right, it’s been quite the journey. Still, there has been one guy who has been a constant from Week 1: Shawn. (For a look at the guy who was a constant from Week 4, see Nick and Kaitlyn's Love Story.) The two had instant chemistry, locking eyes and having a special moment as he stepped out of the limo the first night of the season. They’ve had their ups and downs, but now he’s in the final two. This is their love story:

Arrival Night Chemistry

Making it clear he was there for her from the start, Shawn made quite the first impression on Kaitlyn, which earned him the coveted First Impression Rose. Since then, Shawn has continued to impress her, taking their relationship further throughout the competition.

Falling in Love: Shawn's Sensitive Side

It hasn’t always been easy for Shawn to let his guard down, but with Kaitlyn, it’s a different story. On their one-on-one date, Shawn owns his vulnerability and confesses that he’s falling in love with her -- and it’s clear she feels the same. She admits to him that she feels the same way; it feels like her husband just told her he loves her for the first time. Could this be an omen for what is to come?

"The Other Guy": Drama in the House with Nick

Unfortunately, not everything is coming up in roses for Kaitlyn and Shawn, often having to do with "the other guy": Nick. Shawn reveals that during an off-camera moment in San Antonio, Kaitlyn told him he was “the one,” but he is having some difficulty feeling confident. He goes to Kaitlyn’s hotel room to talk it out and luckily the two smooth things over.

After Kaitlyn met his family during the overnight dates and meeting the families, Shawn made the courageous move of telling Kaitlyn “I love you.” Does she feel the same this time around? And will those magical three words ultimately crown Shawn the winner? Find out during the season finale!

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