The Goldbergs Go Ghostbusting

The Goldbergs Go Ghostbusting

Who's excited for the all-female Ghostbusters movie starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristin Wiig? We know one '80s family who really, really loves Ghostbusters: The Goldbergs


In the "Who Are You Going To Telephone?" Halloween episode, Pops (George Segal) shows up in a Venkman jumpsuit with a miniature suit for grandson Adam (Sean Giambrone). He's crushed when Adam (who made his own Rubik's Cube costume) tells him he has other plans: He's  going to hang out with one of the cool kids at school.

Grandpa The Ghostbuster|Pops dresses up as a Ghostbuster for Halloween.|Pops (George Segal) dresses up as a Ghostbuster and brings a matching costume for Adam (Sean Giambrone), but he's disappointed when Adam has his own plans for Halloween. From the Season 1, Episode 6 of The Goldbergs, "Who Are You Going to Telephone?"



Adam's night doesn't exactly go as planned: After being pressured by his cool new friends to egg his own house, he confesses that he really just wanted to go trick or treating. That's just want Pops wants to hear: Soon he and Adam are proudly Ghostbusting. "We're literally the coolest men alive," Adam says and his grandpa can only agree. 

Ghostbusters, Suit Up!|Adam and Pops suit up for Halloween.|After cool kids pressure Adam (Sean Giambrone) into egging his own house, he realizes there's nothing cooler than going trick or treating as a Ghostbuster with Pops (George Segal) on Halloween. From Season 1, Episode 6 of The Goldbergs, "Who Are You Going to Call?"



Another of Adam's favorite films: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. The lovable, lost alien may have brought his stoic Dad, Murray (Jeff Garlin) to tears, but he fails to melt the hard, hard heart of his Dad's father, Pop-Pop (Paul Sorvino).

Adam's Surefire "E.T." Plan Fails|Who watches "E.T." and sides with the Feds?|Adam (Sean Giambrone) is sure "E.T." will move Pop-Pop (Paul Sorvino) to tears, like it did for his dad (Jeff Garlin), but the old man has a heart of stone on Season Two, Episode 9 of “The Goldbergs,” ABC WEDNESDAYS 8:30|7:30c.



Knowing Adam is completely obsessed with The Goonies, his big brother and sister plant a fake treasure map in the episode, "Goldbergs Never Say Die!" Adam falls for it and invites all his friends to join him on the adventure, taking the lead role of Mikey for himself, of course, complete with asthma inhaler. Even when he realizes he's been pranked, Adam never says die and finds a real mystery to solve.


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