Nathan Fillion
Nathan Fillion
as John Nolan

Actor Biography

Nathan Fillion starred as title character Richard Castle in ABC's award-winning television series Castle, which successfully ran for eight seasons (more than 170 episodes), reached over 70 million U.S. viewers and remains one of the most widely aired television series in the world. He also won seven People's Choice Awards for the role, most recently in 2016.

Starting with the cult television series Firefly (FOX) in 2002, Fillion also has a 10-year creative relationship with Joss Whedon. While short lived, Firefly was adapted for the big screen, with Fillion reprising his role as Malcolm Reynolds in Serenity, which Whedon wrote and directed in 2005. Fillion also starred as Dogberry, the incompetent chief of security, in Joss Whedon's feature Much Ado About Nothing, based on Shakespeare's play.

He also had a recurring role as Caleb in the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (The WB) and took his first singing role as Captain Hammer in Whedon's Emmy® Award-winning musical internet smash, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, with Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day.

Television credits include roles on Modern Family, Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix), The Big Bang Theory (CBS), Drunk History (Comedy Central) and Kroll Show (Comedy Central). He has had a recurring role on Community (NBC), Desperate Housewives (ABC), Two Guys and a Girl (ABC), Drive (FOX), Pasadena (FOX) and Miss Match (NBC). Fillion earned an Emmy nomination for his role in the daytime drama One Life to Live (ABC, Hulu).