season 2

Six months into his career as a cop, John Nolan will be put to the test as he looks to figure out what kind of cop he ultimately wants to be.

S2 E7 - Safety
Jessica gives John surprising news.
11.11.19 | 42m
S2 E6 - Fallout
An alert of an impending missile attack.
11.04.19 | 42m
S2 E5 - Tough Love
The rookies develop informants.
10.28.19 | 43m
S2 E4 - Warriors and Guardians
Nolan meets his new training officer.
10.21.19 | 42m
S2 E3 - The Bet
Nolan works a high-stakes criminal case.
10.14.19 | 43m
S2 E2 - The Night General
Nolan works a murder investigation case.
10.07.19 | 42m
S2 E1 - Impact
Bradford must fight for his life.
09.30.19 | 42m