Episode 301: Benjamin's Childhood Recipe: Raclette Omelet

Challenge: Childhood
Dish: Raclette Omelet

3 eggs, beaten well
50 raclette, shaved
4 slices bacon, sliced thin
50 panko
Chives, finely chopped


Season raw, beaten eggs with salt & pepper. Warm a nonstick 9” pan with a knob of salted butter. Shake pan constantly & agitate with a rubber spatula. Scrape down sides of pan.

Sprinkle shaved raclette in a row. Remove from heat to set for 1 min.

Render bacon slowly. Cook until crispy + all fat is rendered out. Strain fat.

Replacve fat back in pan. Warm to medium.

Toast panko in fat until golden brown.

Chop bacon finely. Toss in with crumbs & season well with salt & pepper.

Pull and flow omelet out of pan. Top with crumbs & finely chopped chives.