Episode 302: Under the Sea: Benjamin's Brown Butter Scallops

Challenge: Under the Sea
Dish: Benjamin's Brown Butter Scallops


½ lb bay scallops, cleaned & halved
½ lb brown butter
1 tsp yuzu juice
3 ea yolks
2 tbsp yuzu juice
½ tsp honey
½ tsp champagne vinegar
1 cup clarified butter, warm
10 ea asparagus tips, trimmed & blanched
1 oz paddlefish caviar


Build the sauce, mix yolks, champagne, honey & yuzu. Place in blender. Mix in warm butter to emulsify. Adjust seasoning.

Toss scallops with hot brown butter. Season with salt, pepper & yuzu. Assemble scallops, asparagus, sauce, and caviar.