Episode 302: Under the Sea: Gabriel's Sorrel Cod, Clam and Herb Broth

Challenge: Under the Sea

Dish: Gabriel's Sorrel Cod, Clam and Herb Broth


16 oz black cod, 4 oz per serving
Salt & pepper, to taste
½ ea onion, sliced, puree
½ bulb fennel, sliced, puree
½ bunch tarragon, puree
½ bunch chive, puree
½ bunch dill, puree
1/3 cup olive oil, puree
1 cup clam juice, puree
½ cup white wine, puree
1/8 cup fennel, brunoise
1/8 cup apple, brunoise
1 tbsp olive oil, seasoning
¼ cup lemon juice, seasoning


Prepare fish by cutting into 4 oz portions.

For broth, bring pot of salted water to boil for blanching. Blanch herbs for 30 seconds and shock in a bucket of ice water.

Place in blender with a few cubes of icea nd blend until bright green. Season with salt. Place in refrigerator.

Slice fennel and onion and sweat on low heat. When soft, puree until smoth and pass through chinois. Season and reserve.

Take fennel and apple, brunoise and toss in salt and lemon juice and olive oil to finish. Season fish with salt and pepper. In a pan over high heat, add fish and cook on one side until golden. Flip and touch fish on pan for 10 seconds and remove.

For broth, heat onion, fennel puree about 1/3 cup. Add wine and reduce by half. Then add in clam juice. Whisk in herb puree until it tastes good to you. Season with salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

Place fish in shallow bowl, pour broth over it and top with brunoise.