Episode 303: Happy Holidays: Joe's Fried Squid and Butternut Squash

Challenge: Happy Holidays

Dish: Joe's Fried Squid and Butternut Squash

2 squid, halved
2 cups flour, a/p
2 eggs, whipped
1 yogurt, mixed
½ milk, mixed
1 pear, small dice
1 apple, small dice
½ cup toasted pine nuts
½ tsp cinnamon
½ five spice, for squash
½ butter, for squash
1 cup mayo
½ cup sugar

Marinate squid in sweet tea, coat with butter milk and flour. Fry at 340 degrees for 10 min.

Roast squash 50 min in 400-degree oven with butter, add spices blend and cream.

Slice apple and pear, add vin, sugar, mayo and roasted pine nuts.