Kayla Itsines Shares Easy Beginner Workout

Kayla Itsines Shares Easy Beginner Workout

If you’re into exercising and have an Instagram account, you’ve most definitely heard of Australian Instagram fitness guru Kayla Itsines. The 23-year-old personal trainer from Adelaide spent an afternoon with Paula Faris and Candace Cameron Bure at the New York Sports Club in New York City to show them the tricks of her workout trade.

Kayla created The Bikini Body Guide (AKA “BBG”), a 12-week program that you can do in the comfort of your own home. To help get you started, Kayla put together a special starter workout for our viewers. “It’s a quick workout, but it’s still effective and it will still make you feel awesome after,” she says. Here’s how you can jumpstart your fitness routine:

Circuit One: Three Minutes

15 Jump-squats
15 Pushups
*Repeat exercises as many times as possible within the three minutes
 (Take 60-second break)

Circuit Two: Three Minutes
30 Ab Bikes
15 Snap-jumps

*Repeat exercises as many times (and as quickly as possibly) within the three minutes

If you need any more #fitspo, here’s a look at two people who’ve crushed the BBG workout:

|| O N E Y E A R || 🎉🎉HAPPY KAYLAVERSARY TO ME!!!🎉🎉☺️ HOLY CRAP I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!😱😭 52 solid weeks of BBG completed. I actually debated posting transformation pics today since my 48 wk ones were only a month ago, and there isn't any huge physical change, but this is a huge milestone for me that is worth reflection and celebrating. So here I am!🙈 One year of BBG later. || My heart is so full today!💛 And I have a million jumbled thoughts in my head that I want to shout out loud but I think mostly I want to say I AM JUST LIKE YOU!! I used to look at fit girls (enter the stunning @kayla_itsines) and naively assume one of two things- either they were lucky to just be born that way (cause it must be genetics right) or that they must literally spend a million hours a day in the gym and never eat anything that tastes good. I CLEARLY remember one particular night this time last year scrolling through Kayla's feed over a pan of homemade fudge, feeling down and thinking "nah, screw it. I cannot give up this fudge, and I'll never be there anyway." But guess what!? You can have your fudge (in moderation😉) and eat it too. I got up the next morning nonetheless and struggled through my workout (with a tummy ache), and tried to be positive. Some days it was like that, and occasionally still is. But the more I tried to eat clean the easier it became. Somewhere something shifted, and I realized I was living healthy because I truly enjoyed it. Perhaps the greatest thing I have learned so far is that it's actually NOT about looking like Kayla. It's not about living a life you hate or taking excessive measures to change your body. It is about looking like YOU, loving yourself, and living a healthier lifestyle you ENJOY, because it is what your body and mind deserve. I am endlessly grateful to @kayla_itsines for creating this program that teaches me how to do that. It is about being stronger physically, but even more so in who you are. I have found so much more strength in striving to love myself and to lift other women than I ever could from lifting weights, and I find strength from all of YOU every day.❤️ #bbgprogress #bbgmums #bbgmoms #bbgbabes #bbgfam #bbgcommunity

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@eliannealexander_bbg 😍😍 here is what she sent me 😘😘💛 "The picture on the left was taken on my birthday (February 14th) this year while on vacation with my husband, around the time I started BBG (about 33 weeks ago), the picture on the right was taken a few minutes ago 😆 Here is my story in a nutshell: when I started BBG, I couldn’t do push-ups, or commandos, or more than 5 consecutive tricep dips 👀 What I’m trying to say is: I really felt like I couldn’t physically do ANY of it! I truly believed I would NEVER be able to do any of these exercises, let alone do them with any level of ease. Now, I actually love commandos (yes, I actually do love them! mainly because I can do them! 😂). None of it has ever become easy, I have to admit, there are times when I truly feel like my body can’t keep going, but that’s when I push myself the hardest. I have learned to LOVE the challenge, the sweat, the strength!!💖💪🏻 Most times, the harder I push myself, the better I feel! I’m 34 years old, I have 2 children, and I gained 95 pounds with my first pregnancy. My body has been through A LOT!! I work long hours, and my kids play sports (so I’m always busy driving them to practices or games). I cook every night, and I’m constantly busy, BUT I have time to do the guides!!! Thank you for creating THIS amazing community of strong beautiful women who empower and encourage each other to be the very best version of themselves"💛 www.kaylaitsines.com/guides

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For more information, visit kaylaitsines.com and follow Kayla on Instagram: @kayla_itsines

Watch the co-hosts, Paula Faris, Candace Cameron Bure, try The Bikini Body Guide workout on the show.

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