Travel Tips & Tricks

Travel Tips & Tricks

When it comes to packing a bag for a road trip or a flight across country, the age-old question "what should pack?" always comes to mind.  For me, that answer is to always include a few regular household items to keep organized and feeling good.

Multiple Travelers And Tons Of Bags? Color Code!
Let's start with your bags. For families, a good tip is to create a "color code" for each member of your family.  Start with their bag, then beach towels, and get their clothing too (Ex.: blue for dad, red for mom … you get the idea). When it comes to keeping organized on the road, assigning colors makes packing and repacking easy. Additionally, personalizing with monograms on your luggage, hats and towels is not only a stylish addition, but also most importantly a smart identifier if they get lost.

Magazines — Great For Folding, Packing And Gifting!
Most of us have magazines at home, or travel with them, because you never know when you wont have Wi-Fi and will need some entertainment. But please don't toss them out when finished reading! When it comes to folding your clothes neatly, a magazine can be used as a folding board to keep your clothing looking department store ready. Place your shirt face down on a table or bed, rest the magazine flat at the top of the collar, fold the left side and right side in, angle both sleeves and then fold the bottom up. Slide out the magazine and you should have the perfect fold!  Magazines also make a great last minute hostess gift if traveling to someone's home. Grab an issue that suits them, fill out the subscription form and mail it, place a bow on the magazine and violà! It's the gift that keeps on giving.  Also if you have belts to pack, roll them up and place them inside the neck of any collared shirt. This will not only help you save room in your luggage, but also keep the collar from getting smashed.

Stay Fresh While Traveling — And Meet TSA Standards!
One more quick tip here, place a fabric softener sheet between your clothing items to keep them smelling fresh. How about smelling good while traveling? We all want to bring our favorite scents from home but sometimes cannot risk breaking the bottle or if flying, going over the allowed TSA liquid volume limits of 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters. Solid fragrances are just that, solid; so you don't have to worry about spills or not meeting requirements. Not in the mood to spend money? Another tip is to take this opportunity to "sample" new scents. Ask for those tiny samples at the department store fragrance counters.

Use Sandwich Bags To Keep Valuables Dry And Clean!
Another thing to always keep on hand when traveling are re-sealable plastic bags — they're the perfect item to protect your phone from sand and water at the pool and beach. For a less germy stay in your hotel room, you can use them to cover your remote control, doorknobs, hotel phone, etc. Of course, they also make great storage for snacks, jewelry, small objects and keeping your health and beauty needs organized.

Protect Your Fingers — And Your Stuff — From Your Razor
Speaking of your beauty needs, packing a razor in your bag is tricky — you don't want it to slice open any lotions, or even give you a cut when digging through your bag. A simple black office paper clamp or clip is all you need to snap around the head of the razor.

Hope these ideas have helped make your packing and traveling a bit more organized and enjoyable. BON VOYAGE!

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