Whoopi Celebrates Her 60th Birthday on "The View" with Her Favorite Things

Whoopi Celebrates Her 60th Birthday on "The View" with Her Favorite Things

To celebrate her 60th birthday, Whoopi Goldberg wanted to showcase some of her favorite things on "The View"! On Friday, November 13, Whoopi shared everything from gadgets to apparel. We’ve got a list of all of Whoopi’s favorite things HERE:

Goldie Blox & Ruby Rails Action Figures 
These dolls were created to empower and inspire girls by showing them science can be fun; Goldie Blox comes with construction kit for her zipline; and Ruby Rails comes with kit to build her backpack and parachute. 

Price: $24.99

I Only Look Illegal T-Shirts
Whoopi’s great granddaughter Charli Rose absolutely LOVES these shirts.
Price: $22-32.00

LeeLoo Soaps
Janah Schwartz started this small business, LeeLoo Soaps, as a hobby; it’s all vegan and handmade; and, it’s designed to be an all over body wash.
Price: $6-20.00

Toast It Coasters
These are great for your house and they make a great gift!
Price: $10.00

Nail Buzz
These are great nail polishes that were created by Whoopi’s daughter Alex. They’re affordable and look great on any hand. They’re vegan, last long, and offer great colors for the holidays.
Price: $7.00

These are some of Whoopi’s favorite books:
• “If Someone Says You Complete Me, Run!” by Whoopi Goldberg
• “The Bazaar of Bad Dreams” by Stephen King
• “The Golem of Hollywood” by Jonathan Kellerman
• “Lady Bird & Lyndon” by Betty Boyd Caroli

Nexus 5X Android Phone from Google
New camera great for indoor shots; unlock with touch of your finger with nexus imprint, all day battery life, and it comes in three colors: carbon, ice blue and quartz.
Price: $379

Whoopi’s favorite chicken sandwich is the chicken biscuit from Chick-Fil-A — home of the original chicken sandwich. They are known for their menu variety that includes healthy options, premium ingredients and daily, handmade food in their kitchens.

Main Line Animal Rescue
MLAR continues to fight for dogs imprisoned in our nation's puppy mills.

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