Whoopi Goldberg's Favorite Things 2016

Whoopi Goldberg's Favorite Things 2016

A Whoopi Goldberg birthday show wouldn't be complete without a showcase of Whoopi's favorite things! And this year is no different: Here are eight of the goodies that Whoopi is currently obsessed with. 

Little Free Library
A non-profit that inspires communities to share the joy of reading

Inkbox Tattoos
Patented formula goes into the top layer of the skin and leaves a real-looking temporary tattoo (lasts about 2-3 weeks)
getinkbox.com, $19-26

Ezpz Happy Mat
A fun, all-in-one placemat that suctions to the table
ezpzfun.com, $3.99-24.99

Tickle Water
Unsweetened sparkler for kids, with flavors that include watermelon, cola, green apple, and more
drinkticklewater.com, $1.49 per can

Surgarfina Candy
Delectable candy inspired by candy artisans from around the world
sugarfina.com, $2.50 +

Warther Cutlery
Specialty knives designed for durability and comfort
warthers.com, $29.75+

Genesis Champagne and Wine Preserver
This allows you to uncork, preserve, and pour your champagne or wine by the glass
genesispreserve.com, $249-$899

Whoopi's Ugly Holiday Sweaters
Whoopi designed a new collection of "ugly sweaters!"
lordandtaylor.com, $139

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