Rick Glassman
Rick Glassman
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Actor Biography

Rick Glassman is an actor, writer and comedian who most recently starred in the critically acclaimed Amazon series "As We See It" from creator Jason Katims. Glassman is currently shooting season one of the ABC sitcom "Not Dead Yet" in a leading role opposite Gina Rodriguez.

A Los-Angeles-based stand-up comedian, Glassman's notable credits include a leading role in Bill Lawrence's NBC ensemble sitcom, "Undatable," as well as playing Harold Ramis in David Wain's National Lampoon biopic, "A Futile and Stupid Gesture." He also wrote, directed and starred in an award-winning five-episode series, "The Sixth Lead," based on his experience starring on "Undatable."

Glassman can also be seen on his weekly podcast, "Take Your Shoes Off," whose guests include Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell and Marc Maron. Thanks to its three-camera, creatively edited YouTube format, which includes live-action animation, The Economist has called it "…one of the most ground-breaking podcasts in the last 75 years." Glassman also serves as the creator and host.

Additional television credits include a recurring role on Paramount Network's "Nobodies," produced by Melissa McCarthy; FX's "The Comedians," produced by Billy Crystal; Comedy Central's "@MIDNIGHT" and "Adam Devine's House Party."