Played by Ty Burrell

Character Biography

When we first met Phil Dunphy, he let us know he's the cool dad. That's his thang. Phil acts like a parent and talks like a peer. He calls it "peerenting." He's a fine real estate man with a penchant for creative inventions like the Real Head Scratcher™. Phil is just a big kid at heart which is probably why he's so in sync with young son Luke.

Phil dotes on his wife, Claire, while also revealing a not-so-subtle affection for his father-in-law's beautiful wife. Still, Claire is the love of his life. Phil keeps their romance alive by sometimes assuming the identity of smooth-talking speaker salesman Clive Bixby. At the end of the day, family is everything to Phil Dunphy. They've given him a lifetime supply of happiness and he's given them a lifetime supply of laughs and love. 

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