Tia Blanco
Tia Blanco

Contestant Biography

HOMETOWN: Oceanside, California

AGE: 23

Tia Blanco's father was in the Coast Guard so they were always stationed near the ocean which is how she started surfing at just 3 years old. Eventually, Blanco and her family settled in San Clemente, California, and she was quickly earmarked as a future star. With big wins in 2015 and 2016, Blanco came close to her ultimate dream of qualifying for the Championship Tour. A committed vegan, Blanco's positive energy and health-conscious outlook on life has helped her amass over 300,000 followers on Instagram alone. In 2018, Blanco and her sister, Aja, launched Dear Self, a cruelty-free skincare line, and was also an early-stage brand ambassador for Beyond Meat, a plant-based food company. While Blanco has carved out a successful business career, her main goal remains to reach the upper echelons of competitive surfing. She's come close a few times and those experiences have only hardened her resolve.