Unleash Your Inner Detective With These Great True Crime Shows

Unleash Your Inner Detective With These Great True Crime Shows

For many, there's something fascinating about true crime. Over the past few years the genre has seen a huge boom in popularity with podcasts, documentary movies and TV series encouraging viewers to play detective from the comfort of their own homes. Some people find themselves drawn into the shadows to learn more about the darker side of the human psyche - if that sounds like you, ABC and National Geographic have just the kind of content you're looking for. With shows like "To Catch a Smuggler," "Who Do You Believe?" and "The Con," there's plenty of opportunities for you to flex your investigative skills and figure out whodunnit. Whether you prefer political scandals, the world of drug smuggling or macabre murder mysteries, it's all available to stream right now on ABC.com.


Here on ABC, there is a huge selection of true-crime investigations on "20/20." Combining hard-hitting investigative reports and compelling interviews, the long-running series covers a wide range of subjects from the sphere of true-crime. If you're looking to revisit a well-known story from the past, there's "The Cult Next Door: The Mystery and Madness of Heaven's Gate;" alternatively, if you're hoping to gain a better understanding of a hot-button topic that's fresh in the public consciousness, then there's the likes of "Life Online: The Last Days of Gabby Petito" or "Nowhere to Run: The Ahmaud Arbery Story." There's sure to be something on "20/20" to pique your interest, whatever that may be.

For a dive into the murky waters where crime intersects with the political there is "Truth & Lies: Monica & Bill," in which journalists investigate the story of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, a political scandal that rocked the country. Alternatively, if you're wanting to explore troubling tales of people taken in by claims and promises that proved too good to be true, then there's "The Con." Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg and featuring interviews with victims, eyewitnesses, law enforcement and even the perpetrators themselves, the series reveals how the victims were fooled and shows the true cost of their misplaced trust. Covering several different subjects including psychics, the wine industry and the infamous Fyre Festival, the series offers a fascinating insight into the world of fraud and confidence trickery. The whole series is available for free, so watch now on ABC.com!

On the other hand, for something truly unique you can check out ABC's "Who Do You Believe?" This innovative new series takes viewers through compelling true crime cases using dual perspectives and simultaneous storytelling. The audience investigate a different case each week, with accounts taken directly from victims and criminals to help those at home piece together the truth. You can catch up on the latest twists and turns on ABC.com and tune into new episodes TUESDAYS 10/9c. 

National Geographic

Interested in something a bit more long-form? Then National Geographic also has a multitude of great true crime documentaries just waiting to be binged on ABC.com. If you're curious about the world of smuggling and the work of Homeland Security officers who try to prevent it, then you should check out "To Catch a Smuggler." All three season are free to stream right now, and if that's not enough for you then you can watch all seven seasons of "To Catch a Smuggler: Madrid" too!

If you have already binged National Geographic's compelling exploration of Latin American smuggling networks in "Narco Wars," then you should definitely check out "Drug Lords: The Next Generation." The series investigates a new era of cocaine traffickers who are all hoping to be the next kingpin, and the steps taken by the police to ensure they never make it that far.

For those curious about the other side of the story there is "The Nightcrawlers," which follows the determined photojournalists who are on a mission to expose the true cost of the war on drugs in the Philippines. Or do you think you could handle the real nuances of the law? Stream "American Justice" and put your morals to the test. This show delves into the United States' justice system and the complications that arise during some particularly tough cases. There's always an interesting debate to be had, even if some of the stories don't have happy endings.

All of these incredible true crime shows and documentaries are all available to stream on ABC and National Geographic right now!

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