DWTS 2016 Recap: Freestyle Fun for the Cast

DWTS 2016 Recap: Freestyle Fun for the Cast

Season 23 of Dancing with the Stars 2016 continued in Week 11's Finals, Part 1 as the four remaining teams took part in some judges redemption dances as well as everyone's favorite moment of the season, the always-entertaining freestyle routines. The Dancing with the Stars cast turned in another another dazzling night of dancing fun in a heated battle to make it to Part 2 of the Fall 2016 Finals. Which stars shined brightest as the quest for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy continued? Let's find out right now. See all the highlights of the night in our Dancing with the Stars video recap of The Finals, Part 1 with all the top moments in the Glitter Report beginning with some freestyle fun!

Laurie & Val's Freestyle: Bruno thought Laurie could send a rocket to the moon with all the energy she exhibited. Carrie Ann had happy tears after this one. Len felt it was a joyful experience to watch it. Julianne couldn't even talk but made it clear she agreed with her fellow judges. Scores of 10-10-10-10 from the judges for a perfect 40. SEE LAURIE HERNANDEZ'S FULL FREESTYLE DANCE!

James & Sharna's Freestyle: James told the story of his near-fatal car crash in his freestyle dance. It was a powerful, inspiring routine. Carrie Ann said that she's never seen such an intelligent, well-danced freestyle. Len felt the choreography was wonderful. Julianne says James continues to outdo himself each week. Bruno called it visual poetry. Scores of 10-10-10-10 from the judges for a perfect 40. SEE JAMES HINCHCLIFFE'S FULL FREESTYLE DANCE!

Calvin & Lindsay's Freestyle: Julianne loved the dance and Bruno felt Calvin could go straight to Broadway after that one. Carrie Ann thinks the world needs more of Calvin Johnson, Jr. Len said there was never a question that Calvin could entertain and tonight he proved he could dance. Scores of 10-10-10-10 from the judges for a perfect 40. SEE CALVIN JOHNSON JR.'S FULL FREESTYLE DANCE!

Jana & Gleb's Freestyle: Len saw a little hiccup but still felt it was a beautiful performance. Julianne also saw the stumble but loved that the team took a risk. Bruno said the dance was an emotional roller coaster. Carrie Ann thinks Jana should walk away from all this feeling amazingly proud. Scores of 9-9-9-9 from the judges for a total of 36. SEE JANA KRAMER'S FULL FREESTYLE DANCE!

The Redemption Dances

Calvin Johnson, Jr. and Lindsay Arnold (Redemption Dance - Viennese Waltz ): Len called Calvin the most improved dancer in the finals. Julianne added that everything was so much more on point this time around with his waltz. Bruno is impressed how Calvin took the lead this time around. Carrie Ann said the ballroom could barely contain Calvin but she did have to call out a lift. Scores of 8-9-9-9 from the judges for a total of 35. SEE CALVIN JOHNSON'S FULL REDEMPTION DANCE!

Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko (Redemption Dance - Tango): Julianne didn't feel a real spark in this redemption dance, but Bruno thought Jana was totally hot. Carrie Ann agreed with Bruno saying that Jana matched Gleb's intensity but saw a lift in their routine, too. Len said one should only penalize lifts if the they are intentional. Scores of 8-9-9-9 from the judges for a total of 35. SEE JANA KRAMER'S FULL REDEMPTION DANCE!

Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy (Redemption Dance - Paso): Bruno called Laurie's dance wicked in the best possible way. Carrie Ann felt Laurie shaped every move. Len said there was nothing in that dance that he didn't like. Julianne added that the growth this team has exhibited was apparent in the dance. Scores of 9-10-9-10 from the judges for a total of 38. SEE LAURIE HERNANDEZ'S FULL REDEMPTION DANCE!

James Hinchcliffe and Sharna Burgess (Redemption Dance - Foxtrot): Carrie said James has such smooth footwork though there was a stumble. Len thought it was fantastic and Julianne added that James is the perfect package. Bruno was totally engrossed. Scores of  9-9-9-10 from the judges for a total of 37. SEE JAMES HINCHCLIFFE'S FULL REDEMPTION DANCE!

At the end of the night, one team had to bid adieu to the ballroom. SEE WHO IT WAS RIGHT HERE!



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