Character 101: Owen Hunt

Character 101: Owen Hunt

Chief Owen Hunt is a former army man who survived some intense action in Iraq before arriving on the Grey's Anatomy scene. Despite his PTSD and roller coaster romance with Cristina Yang, Owen is the glue that holds the hospital together. Check out some of our favorite memories of Dr. Owen Hunt below!

A Major Development: You could say we first met Owen Hunt by accident. He had just returned from serving overseas on leave when he jumped into action to save some folks who were in a car crash. The fact that he's also hurt doesn't stop him from checking up on his patients. Cristina is impressed when he suggests a radical freezing technique to save a man from paralysis. She's further blown away when he staples his own wound shut. Now take a look at our intro to Owen as he meets Richard and Cristina for the first time.

Sometimes You Just Need to Vent: Back in the time when a few of our favorite docs were battling for their first solo surgery, Cristina won the day. However, she was forced to turn the honor over to Alex. This led to a little spat with Meredith. Owen saw how upset Cristina was, so he clued her in on his secret place. Anything can happen there. Cristina may have missed out on the first solo surgery, but she was able to score her first vent kiss with Owen.

Something Good: Owen tricks Callie into meeting a group of Veterans Hospital patients. He promises one wounded army ranger that they can help him. Unfortunately, the soldier isn't a good candidate for the robotic leg. This leads to a big shouting match. Owen apologizes to Callie. He's still wrestling with his feelings over Cristina's departure as you can see in his emotional speech.

People Who Need People: Amelia gives Owen the background on her past drug addiction. She knows she's a risk. Owen lets her know that they are all a risk in some way or another. They bond about how people need other people. They also seem to have a genuine fondness for each other. Wonder if that means... Oh, let's not speculate. Let's just watch.


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