The Businesses and Products from Season 14, Episode 13 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 14, Episode 13 of Shark Tank

First into the Tank is an entrepreneur from New Orleans who presents her solution to a serious problem in the kitchen with her nontoxic product that magically helps dispose of cooking oils safely this week on Shark Tank. An entrepreneur from Clifton, New Jersey, pitches his versatile tool that instantly transforms eating utensils into a common kitchen accessory; while an entrepreneur from Fresno, California, doesn't want to take any shortcuts in the Tank and introduces his viral device designed to help save time and lessen fatigue. Last into the Tank are entrepreneurs from Gilbert, Arizona, who share their product designed to prevent creepy crawlers from intruding your home.

The Sharks in this episode are Mark Cuban, Robert HerjavecKevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Daymond John.

Fry Away
We love fried foods! But cleaning up after frying is messy. What do you do with leftover cooking oil? Getting rid of used oil usually involves paper towels, jars and jugs, and most of us have even resorted to pouring oil down the drain. FryAway is a 100% plant-based, non-toxic powder that magically transforms used cooking oil into a solid, for easy and safe disposal with household organic waste. At FryAway, we're taking the mess out of frying and creating a planet-friendly frying culture. So go ahead, FryAway!

Our company is on a mission to create innovative and convenient kitchen tools that make cooking and food handling easier and more hygienic. We believe there's too much "junk" in our kitchen and that we can do more with less and head toward a minimalist lifestyle. Anytongs is our first and flagship product that we want to share with the world.

Copy Keyboard
Copy Keyboard aims to save time & lessen fatigue with our flagship product, the Copy and Paste Keyboard. In 2017, I was copying and pasting for 12 hours a day on the computer! I tried to buy a Copy Keyboard, but it wasn't for sale, so I had to invent it! No longer do you need to Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V, just plug it in, U-S-B!

Slick Barrier
Our patented coating technology is revolutionizing the way we protect our homes from unwanted insects (scorpions, roaches, spiders, ect.) and pests such as rodents. Our product, Slick Barrier, creates a barrier on surfaces that pests cannot cling to or crawl on, effectively blocking their entry into your home. It can be applied to a variety of vertical surfaces, including walls, roofs, and foundations.

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