Bachelor in Paradise 2019, Week 5, Part 2 Recap: Holy Crap, Dean Is Back

Bachelor in Paradise 2019, Week 5, Part 2 Recap: Holy Crap, Dean Is Back

Last night on Bachelor In Paradise, we left off on a big departure, as Derek decided to go home after Tayshia said she didn't see a future with him. And tonight, we saw a huge arrival: Dean is back. While we can't speculate on the whereabouts of his van, we know he wants Caelynn, and he has a big question to ask her. Watch Bachelor In Paradise Week 5, Part 1 and/or Bachelor In Paradise Week 5, Part 2 right here on or in the ABC app now, or you can find our Week 5, Part 1 recap here, and then read on for the most recent highlights!

Overheard on the Palapa

With Derek gone, John Paul Jones is really hoping that Tayshia is willing to keep their dalliance going. But is she? Tayshia said more than once that JPJ and Derek's tiffs were terribly unattractive, but...

Sounds like JPJ still has a chance. In other romantic news across the palapa, Demi says she has zero doubts about Kristian—they're doing well and they're both all-in. Ditto Chris and Katie, who say they also feel confident in their relationship's ability to last out in the world. Clay and Nicole at least appear to be doing well, even with Clay's ex, Angela, now in Paradise. Clay says he has no romantic feelings for Angela whatsoever. But also, no one should date her in front of him because it's "brutal." Bit of a mixed message there, perhaps, but our takeaway is that Clay totally does not care but also probably doesn't love it when new arrival Chase immediately takes Angela out on a date.

Sydney is into Matt, but she can't get him to make a move AT ALL. He's said he's shy, and that he's a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to making moves on dates. But Sydney's never seen anything like this. The good news for Matt is that he has basically everyone on the beach on his side, giving him tips on how to kiss girls, pumping him up for the occasion, and wiping the sweat off his back wait what:

Well, all's well that ends well, we guess!

As for things that didn't end all that well, Clay and Angela decide that it's finally time to sit down and just talk out their situation so that they can both move on. Or get back together and have babies. One of those:

Then it's rose time. Here's where they all landed:

Nicole --> Clay

Kristian --> Demi

Hannah --> Dylan

Katie --> Chris

Haley --> Luke

Caelynn --> Connor

Sydney --> Matt

Angela --> Chase

Tayshia --> JPJ

Kristina --> Blake

The turn of events leads to Mike being the odd man out this week, so he's headed home. 

Dean, Part 2: Electric Deanaloo

Every morning after a Rose Ceremony, everyone is always remarking on how calm everything is, and how wonderful life is, and then a few crazy things happen that ruin it all and make everyone lose their minds. 

This week, the arrival of newcomer Bri Barnes is the first of those moments. She asks Matt on a date, and Sydney is pretty irritated because she just put in all that work to get Matt to finally kiss her, and then he's just gone. And to top it off, Matt even kisses Bri on the date?!?!?!!? We're assuming they had to cut his pre-kiss pump-up routine for time.

But as nuts as that is, friends, it doesn't hold a candle to the next bit. As everyone is sitting around, minding their own business, a figure appears on the beach. It's a figure with no mustache, so obviously it's not Dean EXCEPT THAT IT'S DEAN AND HE'S HERE FOR CAELYNN:

Caelynn has been happy with Connor, but she was crushed when Dean left. She has stability and a lack of drama with Connor, but passion with Dean. Will she leave Paradise? We'll find out next week. In the meantime, here's a look at all the drama and romance that next week brings:

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