The Businesses and Products from Season 14, Episode 8 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 14, Episode 8 of Shark Tank

Daniel Lubetzky, founder of KIND and co-founder of SOMOS Foods, returns this week on Shark Tank. First into the Tank is a husband and wife from Loveland, Colorado, who present an exciting way to attract hummingbirds with their feeding tool. An entrepreneur from Burbank, California, oozes with excitement after sharing how he helps others ease anxiety and reduce stress with his entertaining product; while an entrepreneur from El Dorado Hills, California, empowers homeowners to own a fire-defense system in case of emergency with her tool. Last into the Tank is an athlete from Lynn, Massachusetts, who introduces his wearable and eco-friendly fitness design making it easier and faster to sweat.

The Sharks in this episode are Mark CubanKevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Daniel Lubetzky.

Founded by husband and wife, John and Joan Creed, HummViewer creates wearable hummingbird feeder masks that offer users an observational sensory experience of one of nature's most amazing creatures. The HummViewer allows for multiple ways to experience hummingbirds up close by wearing the device as a mask, setting it on a surface, holding it by hand or hanging it like a traditional bird feeder.

Sliimeyhoney is a sensory slime company that creates fun, satisfying slimes of all different colors, smells, and textures. The founder, Mark Lin, started creating slimes that helped him relieve stress from his academic high school life, and started selling his products with hopes of helping other people who struggle with anxiety. The slimes are fun to squish, stretch, poke, and pop. They look and smell just like your favorite foods, making them the only acceptable way of playing with food. Come join our slime hive today!

FireFighter1 Fire Hoses, providing pool owners quick & easy access to otherwise inaccessible pool water during a fire emergency. Designed by a Father & Daughter from California who understands our homes are our hardest earned assets and people want access to every resource possible to help protect them. Simply connect FireFighter1 to your pool pump with the FireFighter1 adapter and a 3-way diverter, then leave it available to help fight fire and/or create defensible space. FireFighter1 hose is conveniently stored in a protective box for clean storage and designed to be lightweight, easy-to-use and affordable for most pool owners. With the average fire department response time being 5+ minutes you can be ready to help protect your property from fire with your pool water and FireFighter1.

Shredskinz is the first and only single-use sauna suit. This Eco-Friendly suit conveniently expedites your workouts giving you a fast and easy sweat without the hassle of traditional sauna suits.

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