GH Recap: Sam & Jason Make Love: Week of April 4th

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This week on General Hospital, Jason and Sam pursue a new theory – that Hayden’s shooting wasn’t accidental. They go to Pentonville and question Shawn about the shooting.

Meanwhile, Hayden informs Nikolas that she’s aware he sought to have her killed last year; and she has the proof to back it up. But rather than turn him in, she intends to remain ensconced on Spoon Island – and married to him.

Later, Nathan reveals to Maxie the story of his ill-fated marriage to Claudette. Maxie is eventually able to take it in stride, but it appears that Nathan omitted vital information.

Across town, Nina flips out when she learns Julian is responsible for the acts of sabotage at Crimson. Julian cuts a deal with Nina: She won’t go public with her knowledge of his wrongdoing in exchange for granting her full autonomy over Crimson.  

At GH, Finn works to stabilize Tracy after her seizure.  Ned and Dillon arrive for a visit, only to learn that Tracy has swelling on her brain, which she needs surgery to relieve.  Obrecht warns Finn that since he pushed for Griffin to perform the surgery should anything happen to Tracy, it will be on his head. 

Later, Jason and Sam, realizing that Nikolas is behind Hayden’s shooting, come to the even bigger realization that Nikolas married the woman he tried to have killed because she knew the secret of Jason’s identity and could then undermine Nikolas’s plans for ELQ. Sam is disbelieving of this reality but then must concede that it’s true. 

After Sam stops a potential disaster from happening between Jason and Nikolas at Wyndemere, a raging Jason runs off. 

Sonny and Carly are tense about the Carlos problem after Carly overhears him plotting with Anna on the phone. She wants to know what he’s planning but he evades. Ava arrives and assures Carly and Sonny that she will come back for Avery and his tactics won’t work. Later when Ava gets into bed, something dreadful has been left behind for her, clearly saying otherwise.

In other news, Alexis goes to Middletown and confronts Parker about Kristina. Alexis returns from her encounter with Parker and is immediately greeted by Kristina, incensed over her meddling. Alexis surprises Kristina with a newly raised consciousness, due in part to Parker’s insight. Alexis declares her support for Kristina.

Across town, Jason and Sam wake up together and reckon with the turn their relationship has taken.

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R\Meanwhile, Sonny finds Anna preparing to go out of town. Sonny intuits that Anna has obtained Carlos’s location and is off to collect him herself. Sonny insists that he go with Anna. Meanwhile, Paul looks for Sonny but encounters Carly. Paul goes to visit Anna; in so doing, he crosses with Sonny. Paul puts two and two together, confronting Anna. Anna confirms that she and Sonny are out to hunt down Carlos and bring him to justice. Paul pleads with Anna to leave it alone, but she won’t Paul attempts to stop Anna by alerting the police to her plans but she knocks him out.

Anna assures Paul that she will send someone to free him as soon as she has Carlos in custody. 

Later, Nina has summoned Franco for some midday sex.  Afterwards, she breaks the news to him that she ended up going through a battery of tests with Dr. Lee and expects any minute to receive good news - that she's able to get pregnant.  Franco's stunned, sure he'd convinced her to drop it.  As they argue, the phone rings.  After the call, Nina's upset: she isn't capable of having a baby.  Franco immediately rises to the occasion to comfort her, but she accuses him of being relieved.  She loses it on him and slams out.

In other news, Tracy's surgery was a success - which Finn attributes to Griffin's surgical skills. Meanwhile, Griffin finds Finn in the locker room about to shoot up.  Finn is brusque with him. 


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