Behind the Scenes of "The Bachelor" 2024: Week 9

Behind the Scenes of "The Bachelor" 2024: Week 9

Bachelor Joey Graziadei and his 3 remaining women make their way to Tulum, Mexico, for a week of dates that could change everything. As the possibility of sharing a night together looms, a few familiar faces arrive to offer advice ahead of those pivotal decisions. But as the conclusion draws near, both Joey and the women start to have doubts about whether they'll get the happy endings they're looking for, and those doubts turn into full-blown drama.Watch "The Bachelor" season 28, episode 9 online now, and read on for some of the sights and sounds from the episode!

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Secrets Resorts & Spas

Villa Cava, Hosted by LocoLuxury

Vesica Cenote Club

Above: Joey the off-roader poses for a quick pic

Above: Susan (from "The Golden Bachelor") and Rachel 

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