Character 101: Miranda Bailey

Character 101: Miranda Bailey

Dr. Miranda Bailey has helped turn some of our favorite frightened Grey's Anatomy interns into an assortment of the finest surgeons in the world. She accomplishes this amazing feat through warm hugs and constant coddling. Wait, that's not how she does it at all! Check out some of our favorite memories of Dr. Bailey below.

Oh, She Cares: Remember that time Meredith had a one night stand with a certain McDreamy doc? Bailey does. She was very concerned that one of her new interns slept with her boss. She let Meredith know why in the bluntest of ways. Bluntness is one of Bailey's greatest traits. It's good that Mer got to know this early on.

Who Wears the Panties in This Relationship?: Meredith confesses to Cristina that she slept with Derek at work and lost her panties. No worries. Addison finds them and decides to pin them to the bulletin board at work. The hospital really should invest in a lost & found box. At least that way certain personal items would never be in the direct eyeline of Dr. Miranda Bailey.

Oh, Baby: There was a lot going on the day Bailey had her baby way back in Season 2. A new life was born while other lives were lost during one of the most emotionally explosive times in Grey's Anatomy history.

What's In a Nickname?: Bailey had been doing the long distance thing with Ben for awhile now. She always perks up whenever he shows up unexpectedly. The new interns made note of this phenomenon. That's what led them to give Bailey a nickname. She's bummed to learn that it doesn't illicit feelings of dread like say "The Nazi" or "Medusa."

Board Games: Alex lets Bailey know that Cristina gave her board shares to him. However, according to the bylaws, new board members are appointed by a majority vote by other members. That means Bailey and Alex will have to duke it out. So they do. At the end of a long process, they pick their newest member.


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