GH Recap: What is Nathan Hiding From Maxie?: Week of February 29th

GH Recap: What is Nathan Hiding From Maxie?: Week of February 29th

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now!

The week started off with great news! Jason and Elizabeth learn that Jake came through his surgery with flying colors. 

At GH, Griffin tries to speak to Anna, but he’s interrupted – first by Lucas, who updates her on Kiki’s condition, then by Felicia.  Anna feels like she has met Griffin before…

Meanwhile, Maxie overhears Nathan mumble “Claudette”, which he claims was his childhood French poodle.  Maxie confides her worry that there’s more to the story. Nathan continues to hide the truth about his past from Maxie. 

In other news, Lucas asks to know Brad and Rosalie’s secret.  Brad reminds Lucas that he can’t tell him, as they have no such privilege.  Lucas accepts this, and they happily look forward to their own wedding.

Tracy’s latest seizure takes her to GH but she’s leery about Griffin’s age and requests the more experienced Dr. Mayes to oversee her issues.  Tracy fears she has brain cancer. 

Ava breaks down in front of Paul worried about the piece of evidence he still holds over her head. Meanwhile, Julian & Alexis celebrate their honeymoon at the Metro Cour  

Later, what could have been an intense confrontation between Sonny and Ava turns into a brief moment of understanding between the two as Ava finds herself stranded with Avery and Sonny offers to watch after Avery.

Across town, Jason realizes Sam loves him both because Jason was dangerous and in spite of it.  He makes it clear of what he cannot promise Sam, and the couple gains a new understanding.  

In other news, Morgan’s mental health and his future create high tension for Sonny & Carly.  Carly & Sonny make the hard decision to commit Morgan. 


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