The Businesses and Products from Season 14, Episode 18 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 14, Episode 18 of Shark Tank

First into the Tank is an entrepreneur from Denver, Colorado, who created a portable product for those who enjoy camping without the dangers of creating a wildfire this week on Shark Tank. Next into the Tank are brothers from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, who introduce their convenient smoothie making machine, offering deliciousness at the push of a button; while a dentist from Portland, Oregon, hopes to make the Sharks happy with her biodegradable oral health product. Last into the Tank is an entrepreneur from San Francisco who presents his portable cooler accessory designed to preserve America's favorite dessert while on the go. After securing a deal with Sharks Mark Cuban and Emma Grede, Erica Cole from Iowa City, Iowa, updates us on their inclusive fashion business, No Limbits, a line of adaptive clothing for people with various disabilities.

The Sharks in this episode are Mark Cuban, Daymond JohnLori GreinerKevin O'Leary, and guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky.

LavaBox is a patent pending, award-winning propane campfire inside a new, authentic military ammo can. No smoke. No embers. No wood to collect. Tons of fire. Passes Fire Restrictions.

Bleni Blends
Bleni Blends is an automated kiosk that makes real fruit smoothies and coffee frappes.

The world's first flosser designed for true compostability, Happi Floss is on a mission to replace single-use plastics. Made with layers of post-consumer recycled paper, Happi Floss is designed to decompose quickly in the compost or soil, unlike our plastic counterparts, which can take 400+ years to decompose, if ever.

The Ice Cream Canteen
The Ice Cream Canteen is the world's first double walled vacuum insulated container for the pint of ice cream, so you can keep your ice cream cold and enjoy ice cream anywhere! No freezer, no problem. Everyone loves ice cream, but ice cream melts so quickly that you can't take it anywhere. The Ice Cream Canteen was designed after coming up with the idea on a road trip as a way to bring ice cream places without a freezer. The Ice Cream Canteen perfectly fits any pint of ice cream in the traditional shape and keeps it frozen for hours, so you can enjoy ice cream at the beach, picnics, BBQ's, days on the lake, or get your ice cream home from the store without it melting. Just drop in your favorite pint, and hit the road!

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