GH Recap: Carlos Causes a Car Wreck: Week of May 2nd

What an exciting week! Until you can watch the full episodes catch up now!  Let’s jump right into the drama. Alexis is working at the Floating Rib, when she serendipitously spots the Hale (the witness) entering.  Alexis quickly approaches him, but makes a hasty retreat. Later, Julian gets a call, confirming that “it’s done” as Alexis finds Hale in the parking garage… dead.

Watch Alexis make the grim discovery:

Anna accuses Alexis of causing Hale’s death… but she is disproved. Dante (though suspicious) has no evidence that Hale’s death was anything but accidental and Julian and Alexis walk free.

Exhausted, Hayden is making her way to her car after being questioned all night by the FBI. Nikolas arrives, and defends Hayden to the agents. Nikolas surprises Hayden by saying that he has something over her, too, and reveals that he has her cosmetics pouch… which has a secret compartment filled with diamonds. When Hayden tries to insist on her rights and privileges of being his wife, Nikolas takes things in a different direction and Hayden ends up realizing that for now she will be on a rather tight allowance…but privately tells the “Prince” that this isn’t over.

Later, Jordan watches awkwardly as grateful Anna hugs Andre. Jordan sensing there’s something more between Anna and Andre, tells Andre she wants to cancel their date. Andre follows Jordan back to her apartment, where sweeps her off to the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Sam meets Jason in the park, where they realize that someone is watching them. 

Who is Following Sam & Jason?

Jason pulls the culprit from the bushes… revealing that it’s Franco.  Jason and Sam confront Franco, thinking he has been spying on them now and last night.  Franco denies, but the couple sees a disturbing sketch of Nina and Jason is more determined than ever to keep Franco from his son. Later, Jason demands Liz sever ties between Jake and Franco. Liz is reluctant but agrees. Franco is dismayed to learn from a gossipy nurse (Amy) that Jake is longer his patient.

Meet Nurse Amy:

Meanwhile, Maxie cracks the whip on Sam, hungry for answers about Nathan's past with Claudette. Sam tells Maxie she’s obtained Claudette’s full name and address. Elsewhere, Nathan questions Griffin about his scar, which he identifies as having been made by a bullet. Griffin tells a vague story that downplays the nature and origin of the scar, but Nathan doesn’t buy it.

At GH, Carly sees another side of Finn as he deals with a patient that he and Obrecht agree should not probably be in the hospital.  Carly enlists Finn’s help in finding the mysterious donor of Josslyn’s kidney.  Later, Carly sees a chance to get into the records room alone…and takes it.  Meanwhile, the patient dies – and Obrecht and Finn are both strangely unaccounted for during his time of death. 

Meanwhile,  Maxie heads over to visit Lulu at the loft, notes how happy she is that Lulu and Dante have moved back in together. Maxie asks Lulu to be her maid of honor. Maxie also tells Lulu about her plans to go to NYC to find a dress… and Claudette.

Later, Carlos, deliberately leaves the pen within Carlos’s reach. Paul then asks Nathan to accompany Carlos as he’s transferred. Nathan mentions his assignment to arriving Dante, who, wanting to tell his father that Carlos is securely locked up, decides to ride along. On the van, Carlos uses Paul’s pen to unlock his cuffs. He stabs Dante, leading Nathan to draw his gun… but the scuffle distracts the driver, who drifts into the path of an oncoming motorcycle driven by Jason!

Watch Carlos Stab Dante!


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