Behind the Scenes of "The Bachelor" 2024: Week 6

Behind the Scenes of "The Bachelor" 2024: Week 6

Bachelor Joey Graziadei and his 10 remaining women are crossing oceans again and this time they're headed to Montreal, Canada. As hometowns inch closer, nerves are running high for all of the women, but it's Joey who seems to be struggling the most to open up, and the week starts off with him sharing his worries in hopes that his honesty will encourage the others. Later, a high-flying one-on-one date has one woman seeing hearts, and a second has another taking a long look in the mirror. Then, the remaining women work to push through their insecurities on an exhilarating group date, but one woman must reconcile with more than just her fears about a date and make a decision that could change everything heading into an emotional rose ceremony. Watch "The Bachelor" season 28, episode 6 online now, and read on for some of the sights and sounds from the episode!

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Tourisme Montréal

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

Above: Bachelor Joey Graziadei, musical guest Feist, and Maria

Above: The ladies get up to some hotel hallway antics

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