The Businesses and Products from Season 11, Episode 3 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 11, Episode 3 of Shark Tank

Entrepreneurs from Austin, Texas, bring a unique solution to remembering passed loved ones by turning their ashes into diamonds on Shark Tank this week. While entrepreneurs from New York City claim they have redesigned the best version of a men's classic fashion staple. Entrepreneurs from San Diego, California, and Phoenix, Arizona, believe they have a game-changing innovation to wireless charging. And finally, a couple from Everett, Washington, claim to have finally solved the mystery of the missing baby sock.

In a Shark Tank update, Shaan Patel, from Las Vegas, Nevada, updates his investor Mark Cuban on Prep Expert, the only SAT test prep company created by a student who achieved a perfect score in high school.


Mark Cuban
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Robert Herjavec
Daymond John
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Eterneva is a consumer technology company and death wellness brand that makes diamonds from ashes. Eterneva was founded after experiencing loss first-hand, and we were blown away by how little innovation there's been in the funeral industry. It's a massive industry with no soulful solutions, which is out of sync with a modern culture that values personalization and meaning.


Baobab makes premium polo shirts for the modern lifestyle. The thoughtfully designed Baobab Polo Shirts are resistant to stains, odors, shrinking and curling collars.


Aira is the creator of FreePower™ wireless charging technology. Current wireless chargers are constrained to small sweet spots in the center of the charging pad, without perfect alignment, your device will not charge. FreePower™ on the other hand offers complete freedom of position. Place multiple devices anywhere on the surface and they'll all charge simultaneously, no alignment needed.

Squid Socks

Our baby socks stay on! We've put 100% skin-safe silicone "squiddy dots" INSIDE the cuff to hold socks on. Performance fibers and one-of-a-kind designs, our socks are a game-changer.

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