The Businesses and Products from Season 15, Episode 2 of Shark Tank

The Businesses and Products from Season 15, Episode 2 of Shark Tank

Season 15, episode 2 of "Shark Tank" featured entrepreneurs presenting the Sharks with a lightweight, reusable sandbag; an earth-friendly alternative to human composting; leggings for men; and toasty, ready-to-eat Latin American foods. Recurring guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky returns to the Tank. Get the full details on the four companies featured below!

The Sharks in this episode are Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary and Guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky.


A revolutionary solution for home protection. Weighing just one pound dry, these sandless sandbags expand to over 33 lbs when hydrated. Say farewell to backbreaking labor and shovels for good. StormBags are here to safeguard your home without the hassle of stockpiling sand or the need for heavy equipment and personnel traditionally required for sandbags.

Return Home

Return Home's proprietary Terramation process gently transforms human remains into soil in just 60-90 days. Rather than pollute the earth, air, and water when we die, Terramation ensures that our last act on this planet is to give back to it.

Matador Meggings

Matador is an innovative activewear brand best known for its men's leggings specifically designed for the male anatomy featuring a no-VPL (visible penis line) modesty pad concealing the groin department, multiple pockets, a t-shirt/towel loop at the back, an inner drawstring, and high performance sweat-wicking silky fabric. We offer dozens of bold colors and wild prints!

Toast-It Arepas

TOAST-IT was founded by two Venezuelan sisters with a deep passion for Latin American cuisine. Their journey began when they moved to the United States from Venezuela and realized the lack of convenient, authentic Latin American food options. Missing the flavors of their mom's cooking, they set out to bridge the gap. TOAST-IT is their vision of bringing traditional Latin American staples like Arepas, Pandebonos, and Buñuelos to the US market, ready to enjoy in just 10 minutes. Committed to offering 'better-for-you' alternatives without compromising taste, TOAST-IT caters not only to those yearning for a taste of home but also to the millions of Latin Americans in the US who lead busy lives and seek convenient yet authentic dining experiences. Join TOAST-IT on their culinary adventure and discover the convenience of savoring Latin American flavors without the fuss.

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