Cruel Summer Official Music Guide

Cruel Summer Official Music Guide

Can't get enough of the Cruel Summer soundtrack? Relive all your favorite music moments from the season with the official Spotify playlist and our episode-by-episode music guide. Stream the latest episodes of Cruel Summer on and the Freeform app, and on Hulu.

Follow the official playlist on Spotify:

Episode 10: Hostile Witness

  1. Laika by Damon & Naomi
  2. There She Is by Johnny Amoroso
  3. Disarm by Olivia Holt
  4. Only Happy When It Rains by Garbage
  5. Creep by Olivia Holt

Episode 9: A Secret of My Own

  1. Linger by No Vacation
  2. There She Is by Johnny Amoroso
  3. Laid by The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

Episode 8: Proof

  1. Something Good by Andrea Robinson
  2. Groove Is in the Heart by Andrea Wasse X Phlotilla
  3. Wrong by Flupejac
  4. Last First Kiss by The Mears Brothers
  5. Where Is My Mind by Corey Landis

Episode 7: Happy Birthday, Kate Wallis

  1. Dreams by Gabrielle
  2. Me & Her by Heavens to Betsy
  3. We'll Get Through by The Slugs
  4. Nightfall by 99 Tales
  5. Today by Olivia Holt
  6. Senselessly by Wendy Moede
  7. Wonderwall by Zella Day

Episode 6: An Ocean Inside Me

  1. Queenie by Bratmobile
  2. Can I Kick It by Lowdown Brass Band
  3. Coming Down by Tom Glynn
  4. Low by Cracker
  5. Unbelievable by Aaron Espe
  6. Screen by Brad
  7. Signals You Send by Swim

Episode 5: As The Carny Gods Intended

  1. Two Princes by Spin Doctors
  2. I Walk Alone by Mecca Normal
  3. Weak by Skunk Anansie
  4. Texas Girls by Vaughan Penn
  5. All Over but the Shouting by Steve Vaus
  6. Count on Me by Robert Jason

Episode 4: You Don't Hunt, You Don't Eat

  1. Kids with Toys by The Slugs
  2. Never Coming Home by The Immigrants
  3. She by Marie Gallo
  4. Danger UXB by Lois
  5. Thursday by 99 Tales
  6. Convince Me by Robert Jason
  7. No Guts No Glory by Robert Jason
  8. Beautiful Girl by INXS
  9. Come Undone by Carina Round

Episode 3: Off With A Bang

  1. Everywhere I Go by The Muffs
  2. Everything You Do by W. Booze
  3. Respect Yourself by Oscar Jackson
  4. Enemy by Jennifer Tefft
  5. Keepin Up The Groove by P. Baker
  6. Sure Feels Nice by Fastgun
  7. Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
  8. Fade Into You by Bleach Bath

Episode 2: A Smashing Good Time

  1. You & Me by Tiger Trap
  2. Zombie by The Cranberries
  3. Gonna Lasso Your Heart by Rick Thibodeau
  4. Drive Me Away by Craig Carothers
  5. Spoon-feed by Bullet Theory
  6. Inside My Radio by Steve Vaus
  7. Rebel Girl by Raelyn Nelson Band
  8. Zombie by Ryan Wright
  9. Zombie by Cole Marcus
  10. Zombie by The Cranberries

Episode 1: Happy Birthday, Jeanette Turner

  1. Dreams by Gabrielle
  2. I Wanna Be Down by Brandy
  3. Take Five by Northside
  4. Dreams by The Cranberries
  5. I Never Saw You Cry by Susan Voelz
  6. Free Your Mind by En Vogue
  7. Supreme Nothing by Tiger Trip
  8. All 2 Myself by Diana Lee
  9. Stupid Girl by Garbage

And don't forget you can stream the latest episodes of Cruel Summer on and the Freeform app, and on Hulu.

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