The Golden Bachelorette


After her time was cut short on the inaugural season of "The Golden Bachelor," Joan Vassos, the 61-year-old grandmother and school administrator from Rockville, Maryland, will begin her own journey for new love this fall when she steps into the historic role as the first Golden Bachelorette. The fan favorite will bring her signature grace and charm as she embarks on a search for her next person, showcasing that everyone is worthy of more than just a second chance at love, when "The Golden Bachelorette" premieres Wednesdays this fall on ABC and streams next day on Hulu. Vassos is a remarkable woman whose life has been defined by her resilience, zest for adventure and strong family values. It was those family values that led to her heartbreaking decision to leave "The Golden Bachelor," self-eliminating after a medical concern with her daughter arose. Despite that and other challenges she's faced along the way – including the heartbreaking loss of her husband after 32 years of marriage – Vassos remains an embodiment of strength and grace as a devoted mother of four, grandmother of three, and school administrator, while finding solace in the music of Elton John, spending time with her dog, and cooking. Now, as she steps into the golden spotlight and begins her journey to seek love once more, Vassos envisions a future filled with shared moments by the beach and cherished time with family. "The Golden Bachelorette" is produced by Warner Bros. Unscripted Television in association with Warner Horizon. Claire Freeland, Jason Ehrlich, Bennett Graebner and Andrew Frank serve as executive producers on "The Golden Bachelorette."

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