Bachelor in Paradise 2016 Premiere Spoilers: Chad Johnson Gets Kicked Off

Bachelor in Paradise 2016 Premiere Spoilers: Chad Johnson Gets Kicked Off

Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 is officially underway and boy was there a lot of drama! Need Bachelor in Paradise spoilers? You're in the right place. It is only week one and there has already been a castmember sent home for bad behavior. If the rest of the season follows suit, fans are in for one wild ride! This week, viewers got a chance to say hello once again to some of the most talked about former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants as they settled into their new digs on the sandy beaches of Mexico. Here they will have another chance at finding true love while navigating the waves new arrivals will bring each week. Here is a recap of the action-packed season premiere.

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Highly Anticipated Arrivals

The cast is welcomed by host Chris Harrison to the beach. While there are lots of interesting characters in Paradise, one man stands out as the person everyone else wants to meet - Chad. Will he be as volatile as he was during JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette? Chad's arrival is everything the cast wanted it to be and more, but more on that later. As the group gets settled in, sparks instantly fly between Brooklyn's finest hairdresser Vinny and the blue-eyed beauty from Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, Izzy. Chris Harrison tells the group this week the men will be the ones handing out the roses, meaning one bachelorette will be sent packing.

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First Dates

The first date in Paradise goes to gorgeous and sweet ex-military bachelorette Jubilee. She takes her crush Jared on a visually stunning date, sharing an intimate dinner and taking a swing at love in a sea of brightly colored piñatas. Just as Jubilee starts to feel a connection, things take a turn when a clown interrupts the date. Jubilee is completely freaked out by the surprise. Luckily it doesn't kill the playful mood the two have established. Whether the connection is strong enough for Jared to give Jubilee a rose to stay remains to be seen.

Chad and Lace Make Moves

Chad and the firecracker that is Lace don't need a date card to give them permission to get to know each other better.The two spontaneous singles take the term love-hate relationship to new heights with their antics. The rest of the cast watch the pair like a show as they go from making out one minute to fighting the next. Maybe they are just passionate people, but all signs point to the mix being a recipe for disaster.

Hurricane Chad

It isn't long before Chad becomes unhinged and refuses to calm down. He fails miserably at a second chance by somehow managing to offend and scare almost everyone in Paradise during night one. It's clear he's not there to find love and is totally killing the Paradise vibe. Chris Harrison tells Chad it is time for him to leave.

Chad Threatens Chris Harrison

Chad refuses to leave Paradise without a fight. Of course his bad behavior is everyone else's fault. The rest of the cast is bummed things had to end this way. They were really looking forward to meeting "The Chad," but got a lot more than they bargained for. Getting him to leave isn't easy. Chris Harrison's attempt to walk Chad out is met with crabby, rage-fueled threats.

Has Chad gone too far? The drama continues next week on all new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise MONDAYS and TUESDAYS 8|7c on ABC.

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