Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Finale Recap: Who Got Engaged, Who Broke Up?

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Finale Recap: Who Got Engaged, Who Broke Up?

This is it, folks: The Bachelor In Paradise 2019 Finale. Paradise is shutting down, and you don't have to get engaged, but you can't stay here. Four couples opted for the Fantasy Suites: Chris & Katie, Clay & Nicole, Demi & Kristian, and Dylan & Hannah. Who got engaged? Who broke up? Watch Bachelor In Paradise Week 7, The Season Finale right here on or in the ABC app, and read on for the highlights!

The Engagement Scoreboard

First up were Clay and Nicole. The night of the Fantasy Suites, Clay said he wanted more time, and he spent the night without Nicole. Nicole, as you can imagine, didn't love that, but she loved this even less:

Clay and Nicole break up

Chris and Katie were next. They did the FS and both seemed happy, but Katie is still having a hard time reading Chris. But it's fairly easy to read the signs when the dude gets down on one knee with a ring in his hands. They're engaged! But will they stay that way? More on that later.

Hannah and Dylan have been bonkers for each other since Hannah decided Blake was out of the picture, so we're not gonna torture you and make up some fake suspense or anything like that: These two break up and never see each other again OKAY FINE just kidding, they're engaged, duh doy:

Hannah and Dylan get engaged

Demi and Kristian have had a tumultuous journey, but they always work it out and come together. And now, they're ready for the next step:

Demi and Kristian get engaged

The Studio Stuff: Where Are They Now?

If you're talking about Caelynn, she's living in a van with Dean. (Sometimes. And she says she likes it!) Christian and Jordan refuse to bury the hatchet and almost get in another brawl right there in the studio. Tahzjuan still thinks Haley might be a pigeon.

Tayshia feels like she may have made a mistake when she said goodbye to John Paul Jones on the beach—so she flies out to Maryland to talk to him:

Tayshia goes after John Paul Jones


Remember how we said there was more to Chris and Katie's story? Well, Katie says things have been rough since Paradise. She's usually happy-go-lucky, but she finds herself now mired in "darkness." It seems she and Chris are still having trouble communicating, but while they're in the hot seat, they agree that they want to do this and they can figure it out. And then this happens:

Chris and Katie fight outside after their time on stage

That's the last we see of these two. Either way, it looks like a challenging road ahead.

Demi and Kristian are doing well post-Paradise, too. They're very much in love. And sometimes, love means a surprise or two—and if you're lucky, your surprises will be this romantic:

Kristian proposes to Demi

How adorable is that?

Oh, and also, the next Bachelor has been revealed! It's Peter Weber:

Peter Weber is the next Bachelor

That's a wrap on Bachelor in Paradise 2019! Peter's journey on The Bachelor starts in January 2020, so we'll see you then!

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