Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Justin & Mackenzie Get Married, Ashley I. Steals Jared Away

Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Justin & Mackenzie Get Married, Ashley I. Steals Jared Away

This week on Paradise, Night 1 left off with newcomer Chelsie Webster taking her pick of the remaining guys - with a little birdie named Carly Waddell giving her the lowdown on who is available. Carly tries to sway her toward Dan Cox in order to ensure that Samantha Steffen would go home, but Carly's plan backfires. Chels ends up choosing Nick Peterson to go on the date with her, leaving Dan to continue to pine after Paradise's biggest Vill.

Breaking Up is Rude to Do

After scoring the date invite from Chelsie, Nick tracks down Ashley Salter to break things off. Walking in on her washing her face, Nick painfully informs Ashley S. that he doesn't see their relaysh advancing romantically. He also prefaces their conversation and tells her, "You smell like a brewery." She doesn't take the news well at all: 

Just Married?

New arrival Mackenzie Deonigi enters Paradise - date card in hand - and picks Justin Reich, who had just finished a date with Amber James. Unfortunately for the alien-loving young mother, Mackenzie and Justin’s date doesn't involve UFOs or extraterrestrials like she'd hoped. Instead, they venture into the jungle where they come upon a Shaman who performs an elaborate native ceremony on them. The catch: the ceremony is done entirely in Spanish. Once the Shaman finishes, he informs the couple that they've just been married. Yes... MARRIED. 


Ok, so they're not really married, but Mackenzie sure believes so. 

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Ashley I. Steals Jared

Bad-girl Jaclyn Swartz arrives in Paradise, and she’s here to shake things up. When some of the ladies try to give her the lowdown on who is coupled up, she interjects and announces that she doesn’t care - she’s there to steal boyfriends. Jaclyn has her sights set on Jared Haibon, which Ashley Iaconetti is NOT happy about. While Jaclyn chats Jared up, Ashley I. makes quick moves and scores an overnight date card. She immediately swoops in and asks Jared on her date; surprisingly, Jared accepts Ashley’s invite, leaving Jaclyn in the dust. 

Will Ashley I. give up her V-card to ubercrush Jared? Will nice-guy Jared take full advantage of the Fantasy Suite overnight? Find out next week on the dramatic two-night finale!

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