black-ish Recap: Zendaya Guest Stars and Dre Creates a New Holiday

black-ish Recap: Zendaya Guest Stars and Dre Creates a New Holiday

This black-ish recap for the Season 2 episode “Daddy's Day” features a guest star: Zendaya! Dre is tired of the disappointment of Father's Day -- no good gifts, living in Mother's Day's shadow -- and has the perfect fall remedy: a fall holiday celebrating dads.

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Dre realized that Daddy's Day could be a great marketing opportunity, and they love the idea at Stevens & Lido, the advertising firm where Dre works. He and his coworkers kick around ideas to take this global -- Poptoberfest in Germany, for example:

Mr. Stevens even thinks Dre's daughter Zoey could be a great face for the campaign. (He also thinks her name is Scott, but that's beside the point.)

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Family Feud

A lot of people doubted Dre when he pitched his idea for Daddy's Day -- and his own daughter, Zoey, was one of them. But her friend Resheida (guest star Zendaya) loves the concept, and has a few ideas of her own to take it to the next level. Dre doesn't feel that Zoey is showing her pops enough love, and to make the point, he asks Resheida to be the face of the Daddy's Day campaign -- instead of his own daughter:

As you can imagine, Zoey doesn't love this decision.

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Driving Them Crazy

Rasheida (guest star Zendaya) doesn't see her dad much, so she's happy to get some extra fathering from Dre -- and Dre likes feeling needed. So Dre is more than happy to give Rasheida driving lessons, in hopes of amping up Zoey's jealousy. It works, but Zoey opts to turn the tables by getting driving lessons from another source: 

Yeeeeahhhh, Charlie might not be the best teacher in the world. Zoey ended up failing the test, but the incident makes Dre feel like maybe he's not the best Dad in the world for pushing his daughter away. He reconciles with Zoey, and the family throws him a little Daddy's Day party to make up for the strife. Aww.

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