black-ish Recap: Dre's Best Friend (Guest Star Tyra Banks) Comes to Town

Welcome to this week's black-ish recap for Season 2, Episode 11 "Plus Two Isn't a Thing" (air date: January 6, 2016). Dre's childhood best friend Gigi Franklin (guest star Tyra Banks) is in town, and Bow feels like an afterthought whenever the two of them are together. Dre and Gigi are like brother and sister, but it doesn’t help that Gigi is an international pop star with model looks. When they get into an argument, Dre turns to Bow, who convinces him that she can fill Gigi's shoes as his best friend and they give it a trial run. Meanwhile, the kids always look forward to a visit from Aunt Gigi and during her stay, they become inspired to film a music video and become YouTube stars.

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Dre's Best Friend is Tyra Banks

Dre's longtime best friend Gigi (Tyra Banks), who is now a famous pop star, is coming to town to visit -- and Bow is not nearly as excited as Dre is. Every time she's around, they go out on the town, get in trouble, and Bow gets left out of all their fun. It doesn't help that all of the kids worship her, either. Dre assures Bow it'll be different this time...but is it?


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Bow Tries Being Dre's Best Friend for a Day

Dre and Bow don't consider each other their best friends, but in the wake of Gigi ditching Dre for her boyfriend at an awards show, Dre needs a new best friend. Bow wants the gig, so the two head out shopping. Dre demands blunt honesty from his best friend while shopping, but it's unclear whether 1) Bow is up to the task, or 2) this will be good for their relationship:




Tyra Banks and Dre Fight It Out

Dre and Bow run into Gigi and her boyfriend at a nail salon, and almost immediately Dre and Gigi get in a fight. Meanwhile, Bow tries to reason with Gigi's boyfriend, who thinks Gigi is crazy. But soon they all agree that Dre and Gigi are both nuts -- but at least they're nuts together:




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Dre and Gigi finally stop their weird fighting when they see Bow and Napolean walk out on them. They make up, and admit they still need each other -- Bow and Napolean both make terrible shopping buddies!

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