Recap: America's Choice Night and the Elimination of Robert Herjavec and Chris Soules

Recap: America's Choice Night and the Elimination of Robert Herjavec and Chris Soules

It was America’s Choice Night on Dancing with the Stars! Rumer Willis scored the first perfect 40 of the season. Nastia Liukin was also able to go perfecto in her Trio routine. It was Erin Andrews’ birthday, the return of DanceCenter as well as performances by Carly Rae Jepsen and Josh Groban. Oh, and there was a brutal double elimination where we said goodbye to Robert Herjavec and bid adieu to Chris Soules. Let’s take a look at the Glitter Report for the Season 11, Week 8 “America’s Choice” episodes of Dancing with the Stars (airdate May 4, 2015 and May 5, 2015).

Dance of the Night: It was smooth, slick, sensual and simply super. Rumer Willis and Valentin did exactly what Len had been looking for all evening. Guess that’s why he gave this team a 10 for their fantastic Rumba. He wasn’t the only one. All of the other judges went double digits, too. Rumer and Val snagged the first 40 of the season. See why!

The Old Penguin Suit: One fan suggested Riker Lynch perform his Viennese Waltz with partner Allison Holker in penguin suits with some cactus trees in the background. That didn’t play out so well during rehearsals, so they opted for a more traditional dance in a different kind of penguin suit. Everyone who watched Riker’s routine with me agreed that he might be the most underrated dancer of the season. Perhaps a trio of 10s will help change that. Only Len (who gave him a 10 last week), flipped over a niner.

Falling for Noah: The sexy trio dance Noah cranked out with Sharna and Emma had the crowd going wild and one judge falling out of his seat!

A Riker Party: For the second time in the show, Riker totally rocked it! He was in full-on party mode with his high-energy jazz routine with partner Allison and troupe dancer Brittany. Riker totally led the ladies all around the dance floor as the crowd cheered on. Once again, he failed to get that elusive “10 from Len,” but that can’t take away from all the fun he had with two lovely ladies by his side.

Double the Fun: Derek was still sidelined with an injury, but that didn’t stop him from ruling over his partner’s first dance. For the Trio number, Nastia Liukin had a rough time during rehearsals. Derek Hough was back on the dance floor with her for the slower moves while Sasha stepped up when things got speedy. The result was a whole lot of fun and another perfecto from the judges.

The Quotes Are In:

Bruno (to Noah after his Tango): “The white valiant knight…He takes on any challenge.”

Julianne (to Chris after his Contemporary routine): “To me, you win the award for Most Improved this season.”

Carrie Ann (to Riker after his Viennese Waltz): “Are you semifinal worthy? For me? Hell, yeah!”

Bruno (to Robert after his (Contemporary routine): “It was like watching a deodorant commercial. Use me and you get the girl.”

Kym (to birthday girl Erin after she asked about Robert and Kym’s kiss): “It was actually quite nice.”

Julianne (to her emperor-ish brother after Nastia’s Paso Doble): “Derek looks ridiculous.”

Julianne (to Rumer after her Rumba): “This was the Rumer and Val that we met at the beginning.”

Len (to Rumer after her Rumba): “There’s no perhaps about it. It’s great.”

Julianne (to Noah after his trio dance): “Hot! Hot! Hot!”

Carrie Ann (to Riker after his Trio dance): “You hammered that number!”

Tom (after Carrie Ann’s above comment): “I think someone else is hammered, quite frankly.”

Carrie Ann (to Robert after his Trio Dance): “The only thing that got messed up along the way was the choreography.”

The Heat Is Still On: Rumer turned up the heat with her first dance. Her Trio dance continued to fan the flames to the point where Bruno admitted he was getting hot flash. Guess that what happens when you crank out a totally hot Trio dance that led to their second perfecto of the night!

Goodbye, Robert Herjavec: Experts say that you should bat a shark on the nose if you want them to leave you alone. However, if you want one to join you in a hot Contemporary routine, perhaps you should give ‘em a little kiss. Just ask Robert and Kym, who implemented a sweet smooch into their fine Contemporary routine. This put a smile on Robert’s face. Hey, he’s been sporting a pretty big grin for his entire run!

Goodbye, Chris Soules: Price Farming showed the world he was milk a cow and win a bachelorette’s heart. The man can now dance! He got some nice feedback after his last Contemporary routine. Julianne said, “To me, you win the award for Most Improved this season.” See why!

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