The Glitter Report: Week 1 - Opening Night!

The Glitter Report: Week 1 - Opening Night!

The ballroom was abuzz with activity again with a new band, a new music director and, of course, all new stars. Old friend Maks was back as new cohost Erin Andrews was quick to point out before the night kicked in to high gear. Here are the highlights for Week 1 of Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars!

Dance of the Night: They saved the best for last on opening night. Eleven teams took to the floor before Charlie and Sharna got their chance. They certainly made the most of it by getting a total of 27 from the judges. It was the high score of the night. See why:


Dancing on a Cloud City: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than you will in the ballroom. Guess that’s why Billy Dee needed a little help from a pair of Stormtroopers and R2-D2 before blasting off into his cha cha with Emma. Was the Force strong with this one? You be the judge. Don’t be influenced by the Ewoks.


Holy Moly!: James Maslow of Big Time Rush fame totally caught Peta Murgatroyd off guard when he walked through the rehearsal room door. It seems these two went on a dinner date once, but then he went away on tour. James would definitely take her on another date…someday. For now, they plan to keep things professional. We’ll see how that works out. It’s a long season filled with romantic dances.

Early Season Crowd-Pleaser: Carrie Ann thinks Drew Carey may have a monopoly on that one. Time will tell. Time will tell.

She’s so Modest: Candace warned her partner, Mark, that she’s a mom who is most likely going to stay on the modest end of things regarding her costumes. Not sure if she’ll be able to do the same with her routines. After all, Bruno said he was “torn between ecstasy and torment” after this first dance.


Growing Pains: Candace and Danica were both child stars who both dated the same guy. That would be Jeremy Miller of Growing Pains fame. News of how he and Candace broke up was news to Danica, as you can see here.


The Quotes Are In:

Len (to NeNe after her cha cha): "It was like an all-you-can-eat buffet of fun and entertainment."

Tony: I rocked it out there with you.

Peta (after realizing a guy she once dated is her dance partner): "Holy moly!"

Len (to James): "We’re here for a bit of eye candy for the ladies."

Bruno (to Danica after her foxtrot): "I love a good kisser."

Bruno (to Sean after his contemporary dance): I thought you were going to be a lump of ice.

Bruno (after Billy Dee’s cha cha): "I want Darth Vader."

Len (to Meryl after her cha cha): You’re nice on ice, but I’m telling you this… You’re good on wood.

Candace (after Candace’s contemporary dance): "I was torn between ecstasy and torment."

Len (after Amy’s cha cha): "You got a Bronze Medal at the Olympics. You got a Gold Medal in the cha cha cha."

Diana: Meryl has asked me to help her with her turns.

Tom: We’ve determined that Diana has a dry wit and that the judges are all wet.

Medal-Worthy Performance: It didn’t get the highest score of the evening, but Amy and Derek’s hot cha cha sure was entertaining and inspiring. Carrie Ann called Amy a “beacon of light.” Here’s why:


Highlights of the Night: Here’s a quick rundown of every routine of the evening!



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