Grey's Anatomy: 8 Unforgettable Alex and Jo Moments

Grey's Anatomy: 8 Unforgettable Alex and Jo Moments

Over the years, the relationships of Grey’s Anatomy have made us laugh, cry, cheer, and cry some more! Though last season brought a lot of heartbreak, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) stuck it out. We could not be happier! Through thick and thin, Alex and Jo have proved to us that they’re made for each other. With similar pasts, the two have undeniable chemistry and compatibility. Take a trip back in time and watch some of their greatest moments!

8) The Conversation That Started It All


Alex had completely stereotyped ideas about who Jo really was, and she made it very clear that he was wrong. Suddenly Alex realized that Jo was much more relatable than he thought. He was hooked -- and so were we!

Season 9, Episode 8: Love Turns You Upside Down


7) The First Date


From the beginning, it’s obvious that these two were so compatible! In one of their earliest (and cutest) banters, Jo and Alex playfully argued over who had the most difficult childhood. Jo let her practical joking skills show and Alex totally fell for it! We think he fell for Jo as well.

Season 9, Episode 10: Things We Said Today


6) The One with the Tree


Alex and Jo are not perfect. Individually, they’ve been through a lot. But even when life gets hard (or when a tree breaks through the window!), these two will do anything for each other!

Season 9, Episode 23: Readiness is All


5) The Pre-Proposal


After dealing with a lot of emotions about his estranged father, Alex arrived at April Kepner’s wedding with one thing in mind: his commitment to Jo. In this short scene, we see Alex deeply looking forward to having a family with Jo someday.

Season 10, Episode 12: Get Up, Stand Up


4) The (Fake) Break Up


It’s easy to see that Alex and Jo make a great team. When new hospital rules “threatened” their relationship, the two showed off their theater skills and pretended to break up in front of everyone. For a second, we believed it! But then we remembered that this couple was unstoppable.

Season 10, Episode 14: You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away


3) Some Words of Advice


When Alex was stressing over whether or not to take a new job offer, Jo supported him in the best way possible! She kindly provided him with positive talking points and encouragement. We love the way that she lifts his spirits!

Season 10, Episode 21: Change of Heart


2) A Promised Future


This past season brought changes that forced Alex to focus on his friendships. His relationship with friends like Meredith Grey and Arizona Robbins worried Jo, but Alex stood firm in his love for her. “I’m not going anywhere except home with you,” he promised. Swoon!

Season 11, Episode 6: Don’t Let’s Start


1) Their New Home


Jo is finally ready for love and commitment! In the Season 11 finale, she took everything she had to get an apartment for Alex and her to share. Then she finally declared her love for him (as if it wasn’t obvious). After everything, they deserve a home that’s just for the two of them!

Season 11, Episode 24: You’re My Home


Can't wait to see what's next for this sweet couple? Good news! The Season 12 Premiere of Grey's Anatomy is THURSDAY SEPT 24 8|7c.

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