Callie Torres: 6 Memorable Moments on Grey's Anatomy

Callie Torres: 6 Memorable Moments on Grey's Anatomy

It's time to celebrate Dr. Calliope Iphegenia Torres (played by Sara Ramirez)! This Grey's Anatomy ortho whiz started making her rounds in Season 2. She's a passionate, hot-blooded woman who isn't afraid to ruffle feathers in the typically male-dominated hospital environment. Watch her very first scene in the video below! Then, keep reading to see more of Callie's best moments through the years.

Curious George: After their initial meeting, Callie fell for intern George O'Malley (played by T.R. Knight). They later surprised everyone by eloping in Las Vegas! As an orthopedic surgeon, Callie puts broken people back together again on a daily basis. Unfortunately, after George cheated on her, there was no way to mend their broken marriage. It ended in heartbreak.

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Life or Death: Everything changed when Dr. Arizona Robbins entered Callie's life and they fell in love. As time went on, Calzona faced their own fair share of struggles. But if they could make it through Arizona leaving Callie for Africa and Callie getting pregnant with Mark's baby, they were in the clear, right? Wrong. Immediately after Arizona asked Callie to marry her, they were in a horrifying car accident. 

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The Wedding: After surviving the accident (and their parents during a very stressful wedding week!), Callie and Arizona finally tied the knot in what is surely one of Callie's most memorable moments. Talk about two beautiful brides! Grab a tissue and watch it all go down in the video below. (BONUS: You get to see Meredith and Derek's courthouse wedding, too!)

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The End of Calzona: Unfortunately, wedded bliss couldn't last forever. Some things just can't be fixed. After years of ups and downs, that's what Callie realized during the Season 11 Calzona-centric episode

A Shiny New Penny: In Season 12, Callie found love again, with a woman named Penny Blake (played by Samantha Sloyan). But the relationship almost ended when Callie brought Penny to Meredith's house for a dinner party, and Meredith recognized Penny as one of the doctors who killed Derek. Meredith's world was turned upside down again, and the rest of the Grey Sloan Memorial crew was shaken too. But as the dust slowly settled, Callie realized she didn't want to lose Penny. The young relationship hit another rough patch when Penny was awarded the Preminger Grant, which meant she was moving to New York for a year. Callie made a spur-of-the-moment decision to follow her girlfriend across the country, and take daughter Sofia with her, but neglected to ask Arizona first. The decision kicked off a bitter custody battle with a shocking outcome: Arizona was awarded full custody. Devastated, Callie dumped Penny. But in the Season 12 Finale episode, "Family Affair," after witnessing how unhappy Callie was, Arizona was inspired to share custody and let Callie take Sofia to New York. Watch the feel-good moment below.

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