Grey's Anatomy Wins Big at the 2015 People's Choice Awards

Grey's Anatomy Wins Big at the 2015 People's Choice Awards

Congratulations to Grey's Anatomy for taking home four 2015 People's Choice Awards! We are so excited to share that the show won for Favorite Network TV Drama, Favorite Dramatic TV Actress (Ellen Pompeo), Favorite Dramatic TV Actor (Patrick Dempsey) and Favorite TV Character We Miss Most (Dr. Cristina Yang). Thank you all so much for voting!! These big wins got us feeling a little nostalgic, so we’re recalling those days of McDream men in halls, panties on the wall and the greatest Post-It wedding of them all. There have been so many memorable moments, compelling cliffhangers and countless on-call room rendezvous since Grey’s Anatomy first hit the air on March 27, 2005. Take a look at 8 classic clips.

Stick-to-itiveness: Dr. Spencer Silver was trying to create a super-strong adhesive when he accidentally invented a somewhat-sticky pressure-sensitive one that he put to use with Post-Its. If not for this fortuitous faux pas, two of Seattle’s top docs may have never tied the knot. But they did and, yes, they made it stick.

Meredith and Derek's Post-It Wedding|MerDer write their vows down on a post-it and sign it.|Meredith and Derek are way too busy to run down to the courthouse so they do what they can; they write their vows down on a post-it and sign it.

First Person Plural: Who’s that person you put down as the one to call in case of an emergency? Do you even have one? Maybe you have several. Maybe you don’t have any. A person like this can be hard to come by. When you find your person, you should hold on tight—even if they’re not a hugger.

Meredith and Cristina's First "You're My Person"|These two have continued to be each other's person for 10 seasons.|These two have continued to be each other's person for 10 seasons.

Things are Getting a Little McSteamy in Here: Before Addison went off to join a certain Private Practice, she stuck it out in Seattle trying to save her marriage. That never really worked out. Both she and Derek knew it was over. If there was ever even an inkling of doubt about that, a mutual friend helped them see that it was truly over.

Addison and Derek's Marriage is Over|Addison is cheating on Derek with Mark.|Derek felt bad when he came over to break it off, but got over it when he found his soon to be ex-wife cheating on him.

Candlelight McDreams: If you’re ever prepping an emergency kit in case of a blackout, you may want to contact Meredith Grey. She apparently has a huge stockpile of candles. She whipped together a wax-based house as part of a rambling effort to woo her McDream man. Derek could only think of one way to shut her up.

Meredith Builds Derek a Candle House|Meredith tells Derek they could be extraordinary together.|While standing in the middle of a symbol of their future, Meredith tells Derek that they could be extraordinary together. McDreamy decides to break it off with Rose.

An Unspoken Bond: It was way back in Season 1 when George O’Malley got the nickname of 007. Others joked he had a license to kill due to the fact that several of his patients died during his internship. George overcame this adversity to become one fine doc. He put forth valiant efforts right up until the end when his old nickname would come into play one more time.

John Doe is Really George O'Malley|George reveals his true identity to Meredith.|Meredith is finally the one to realize the truth after George signs '007' in her palm.

Dead on the Table: Of all the season cliffhangers and premieres, none were more heart-pounding and heart-wrenching than when a gunman went on a rampage in the hospital. He didn’t care who he killed, but his primary target was Dr. Derek Shepherd. The gunman found his prey. The only reason Derek is alive today is because of the courage and quick-thinking of his friends.

Cristina Desperately Tries to Save Derek|The gunman barges into the ER and demands that Cristina stop operating on Derek.|The gunman barges into the ER and demands that Cristina stop operating on Derek. He only leaves after Jackson tricks him into thinking that Derek is dead.

Crashing After the Crash: Mark Sloan and Lexie Grey had their share of ups and downs in their relationship. Whether they were together or with others, there’s no denying the genuine affection and love they had for each other. This was never more evident than when Lexie said her final goodbye.

Lexie Grey Dies|Lexie and Mark profess their love for each other right before her death.|At first Mark cannot accept that Lexie is going to die. Lexie and Mark profess their love for each other right before her death.

Six De-Grey's of Separation: We love looking back at the great memories of Grey's past, but we also can't wait to come back for more memorable moments each week. That's why we had throw in at least one classic moment from Season 11. Characters may come and go, but they'll never be forgotten. And, well, certain doctors in Seattle are a bit closer than they ever thought!

Six De-Grey's of Separation|"We all have sexual relations. That is horribly weird."|A conversation takes place between Meredith, Alex and Callie about how they all slept with the same people at different times. Remember George O'Malley? Yes, they are all "related through sex." Watch this hilarious scene from Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 7: Can We Start Again, Please?


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