5 Times Asher (Matt McGorry) Shows off His Killer Dance Moves on How to Get Away with Murder

5 Times Asher (Matt McGorry) Shows off His Killer Dance Moves on How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder’s Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry) is truly a one of a kind guy. Not only is he charismatic and genuine, he’s also never afraid to show his goofy side. One of the many ways he does this is through his willingness to dance whenever the opportunity arises. To honor this unique and bold quality, here are 5 Times Asher Shows off His Killer Dance Moves!

5. The Pregame

Before heading over to the bonfire, Asher takes a moment to flaunt some Middleton University pride. His excited routine of applying face paint and flexing in the mirror could fill anyone with spirit.


4. The Victory Guns

Asher worked hard for the esteemed class trophy. His little victory jig is the perfect example of just how ecstatic he is to finally win. This playful move could not be more adorable!


3. The Bedtime Routine

In this must-see video, Asher fully embodies the phrase “dance like no one is watching.” Allowing the mirror to be his guide, he locks in each move with confidence and style. Classic Asher. Seriously, what’s not to love about this guy?


2. The Bonfire Bounce

Attending the bonfire alone does not stop Asher from showing off his moves in the large crowd. Even though he’s a part of the glorified Keating Five, his participation in a college tradition tells us that he loves to have a good time.


1. The Short-Lived Strip Tease

When it comes to dancing, Asher is fearless. He disregards the thought of looking silly and just goes for it. We love that! Annalise’s mother may not approve, but we think that confidence is key.


Are you missing Asher and the rest of the Keating Five as much as we are? Good news! How to Get Away with Murder returns with all-new episodes THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 10|9c.



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