Mistresses Recap: Season 3 Episode 4 "Into the Woods"

Mistresses Recap: Season 3 Episode 4 "Into the Woods"

Welcome to Mistress Moments for the “Into the Woods” episode of Mistresses, which originally aired July 2, 2015. Here you’ll find a recap, highlights and, yes, spoilers, so check out all the hottest happenings below.

Sneak Preview: Into the Woods

Joss pinches Harry to make sure that the fact that they are waking up in bed together is real. You’re supposed to pinch yourself in such situations, but whatever works. Harry is very happy. However, the pensive look on Joss’s face suggests she has concerns. She vents to April and Karen about the meaning of “happy.” Her friends convince her that Harry may simply need some reassurance from her.

After mixing Harry a drink that meets with Niko’s approval, Marc is hired to work at the restaurant. He meets Joss when she stops by. After several rounds of PDAs at the bar, Harry and Joss agree to go house hunting together. It doesn’t go well.

The fact that Harry doesn’t want to jump into a great house right away has Joss thinking the worst. Harry assures her that he loves her, but is hurt when he believes that all this is about Savi. He feels bad for acting like a jerk. He texts Joss that they should talk. Joss texts back that she wants to come over. This happens while Harry is away from his phone. Niko sees the reply and promptly deletes it.

Calista confronts her husband, Luca, about sleeping with her top model. She lobs a few other accusations his way. Luca denies them all. He realizes that a past mistake he made is causing concern in the present. Luca asks Calista to join him for dinner to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Joss tries to put the kibosh on this plan. However, Calista believes Luca may still love her.

Things are going well during the anniversary dinner as Luca presents Calista with a gift. It’s a stunning necklace that he designed himself. He has other designs as well. Calista soon realizes this isn’t an anniversary celebration. It’s a business dinner where Luca is pitching his jewelry line. A big fight at the restaurant continues at home. Contentiousness soon turns to passion.

April meets Lucy’s handsome new headmaster, Blair. The topic of discussion is falling grades. April explains the situation with her daughter’s father. The headmaster suggests sending Lucy on a character-building trip to Big Bear. April joins her on the camping adventure even though she can’t pitch a tent.

While heading into the woods searching for Lucy, April meets up with the shirtless headmaster while he’s chopping wood. The two have a chat about Lucy. Blair tells April that her daughter may need to know that she’s in control of their lives. He also reveals that he’s widowed before assisting April back to camp. Upon their return, they learn that Lucy and her friend, Emma, are missing. Once the girls are found, April gives her daughter some much-needed discipline.

Vivian thinks Alec may be having an affair. Karen lets her know that the reason her husband was MIA for a day was because he was tending to her after her procedure. Vivian makes a hasty exit upon hearing this. Karen is desperate to assure her that there’s nothing inappropriate happening, but a semi-flirtatious moment with Alec at the hospital does give her pause.

Karen has a heart-to-heart with Vivian, who admits she’s in a sexless marriage. It’s been a while. Vivian believes her husband still looks at her as a patient. Karen suggests she find a creative way to fan the flames of passion. A sexy new dress is a start. Too bad Vivian doesn’t feel sexy in it. She doesn’t find herself desirable. Karen assures her that she still has lots of sexiness inside her.

Vivian asks Karen to join her back at her place to share in some medical marijuana during a makeover session. When Alec is delayed by an emergency, the two ladies continue to smoke and chat. It’s a heartfelt conversation that leads to Vivian’s declaration that she’s turned on by the fact that Karen may be attracted to her husband. When Alec returns, Vivian tries to tantalize him by kissing Karen. She then kisses her husband. Karen is about to leave until Vivian asks her to stay.



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