Claire vs. Gloria: Who's the Best Modern Mom?

Claire vs. Gloria: Who's the Best Modern Mom?

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day for us to celebrate two of our favorite Modern Moms. Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen) and Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (Sofia Vergara) probably wouldn’t have clicked if they weren’t brought together by some family fate. They are almost complete opposites in personalities and philosophies (not to be confused with Phil’s-osophy). The one thing they do have in common is that they are two of the best moms around. Take a look at some of their top mom moments and then tell us who you think is the top Modern Family matriarch. We can’t decide. We love ‘em both!

The Gloria of Pregnancy: When Gloria first discovered that little Fulgencio Joe was on the way, she wasn’t sure how Jay would react. Claire’s reaction was pretty unexpected as well. Take a look back at compilation of mom-friendly moments as everyone’s favorite Modern Family got just a little bit bigger.

The Gloria of Pregnancy|Watch Gloria's hilarious journey through pregnancy!|Watch Gloria's journey through pregnancy and the hilarious moments so many moms can relate to!

Party Moms: Gloria trusts her son, Manny, completely. Claire feels the exact opposite about her boy, Luke. She’s pretty sure the two teens are throwing a party behind everyone’s backs. However, Claire has no proof of any of this until she receives a sign from above.

The End of Luke and Manny's Party|Claire apologizes to Manny and Luke right before someone falls from the sky|Claire (Julie Bowen) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) go outside and find Jay and Cam playing ping pong from two guys from the bar. Claire apologizes to Luke and Manny for accusing them of throwing a party. Short after, a person from the party falls from the roof on to the ping pong table. Claire finds out everyone attending the party has been hiding upstairs. From Season 7, Episode 18, "The Party" of Modern Family ABC WEDNESDAYS 9|8c.

Scary Moms: Forget Mother’s Day. Claire Dunphy’s favorite holiday is Halloween. She’s willing to give up Christmas, Thanksgiving and anything else as long as she can still get her fright every October’s end. Gloria, on the other hand, has had some issues with Halloween over the years. Take a look at some tricks and treats from both ladies.

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Gloria vs. the Trick-or-Treaters|I kill what you love!|Gloria loses her temper with some trick-or-treaters in the Halloween episode, "Open House of Horrors."

Mothers and Daughters: On Haley's 21st Birthday, Claire tells her daughter that they should have a more mature, adult relationship with one another. To commemorate the best night of her life, Haley decides to get a tattoo and wants Claire to get a matching one.

Mothers and Sons: Gloria resents Manny's girlfriend Kylie, but Manny realizes that she's just like his mom. Kylie's clothes are too tight, her heels are too high, she's loud and she smothers him... Sound familiar?

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There’s no denying that any family would be lucky to have either of these Modern Moms at the helm. Fortunately, we get to enjoy both Claire and Gloria every week. Watch Modern Family WEDNESDAYS 9|8c on ABC and online anytime at!

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